Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Food Report

Morning - four poached eggs, oats, shake
Lunch - grilled chicken salad, water
Dinner - Turkey. potatoes, beans, carrots, water

Today I started with a short bike ride. I went into work and it was a tough day. I had a very bad call to make this afternoon. I did go to my alternative doctor today and she helped me a lot. Afternoon was busy. I had to also find a little time to finish up my paper for my masters class. Tonight, I played with Addi. She is crazy. We went for a walk outside and she was really fun. Christi shampooed all of our carpet on the top floor, middle floor, and the basement. She is really incredible. She is really starting to get the house coming together. With 3 dogs and a kid, that is hard.

Blog Dedication Time - Tracia has watched Addi for us numerous times as well as done anything we asked. Tonight she fixed dinner for us on her day off. It was really good. She will have to comment to tell you how she did it, but the potatoes were fab and the turkey was really good. She has really been supportive and helpful. She is my big sister.

See you soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bo: I'm following you every day and I am absolutely inspired by your resolve. When I first heard about your illness, from Hap, I was really worried. There is no chance that you won't beat this.


Anonymous said...

That 'puter I gave you is for your new road bike. I won that for a really hard race in the Gila National Forest in NM.It was called the Signal Peak Challenge. I figure that it has some good MOJO on it and should be good for a couple extra miles per hour. We will put it on when your new ride gets here. Should be here on Mon/Tues. according to UPS.

Anonymous said...

Because of you I have started praying regularly again. I pray for you every day now, and am inspired by you.