Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Message from Bo's big sister, Tracia

Bo has been at the beach this past weekend and is due back home later tonight. I think he recognized that some of us were having "blog withdrawal" symptoms, so he decided to recruit me to add a comment.

The readers of the blog are very aware of the ups and downs that Bo's diagnosis of lung cancer has created for Bo, his family and his friends. I guess one of the most striking outcomes for me has been the "call to action" that so many of you have taken on. Many have offered interesting articles and information- some ideas have been quite bizarre. Others have offered words of encouragement and hope. Still others have been quietly supportive with prayers and postive thoughts. For Bo and our family, all of your support, in whatever way it has been offered, has been greatly appreciated.

For the family, our days are as normal as possible. We try to not to dwell on Bo's cancer, but rather enjoy spending time with each other whenever possible. Of course, on treatment days, anxieties run high, and time creaks by so slowly on the days when new scans are on the agenda at Duke. We celebrate good news, and resolve to push forward no matter what future challenges we may have to overcome.

As his big sister, it wouldn't be right if I left without telling you some truths about Bo. Yes, Bo is doing is fine. No, he hasn't slowed down AT ALL! Yes, he still is deflecting teasing comments onto the closest unsuspecting individual. No, the light reflecting off of his shiny head doesn't require the use of sunglasses. Yes, he still sports that cheesy grin. No, his personality hasn't changed a bit. And yes, his big sister loves him (but don't tell him that!)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. You are right- some of us are addicted to Bo's blog--it is usually the first or second web site I go to in the mornings. I guess it gives me energy and a positive outlook for the day to know that if Bo can do ALL that he does while fighting cancer--then I surely can get through my day as a somewhat healthy individual! When there's no blog from Bo, then we worry! I'm sure I speak for many when I say that we care for Bo, we worry for Bo and we pray for Bo every day. A victory against cancer for Bo is a victory we all will share in!

Anonymous said...

And the hardest part for his family in Kansas is the fact that we can not spend as much time with him. We can not be there to help watch Addi or to help Christi get threw the hard days which I know are there. We thank all of you that have helped them and have been there to help them.

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