Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sorry for the confusion earlier, I got some dates mixed up.

The food report:

morning - had fruit and eggs
lunch - Leftovers in the Fridge
dinner - tuna, potato with onions and tomatos, rice - Lena made me a great meal of chicken kabobs, but Christi and I soon realized that our grill is still over at Bill and Jo's house from the 4th of July. We will have to enjoy those tomorrow night! Thanks Lena.

Today was a little tough. Chemo got to me a little. I made it through the day, however, I was really tired. Jay and I rode that night at Lake Norman State Park on a 7 mile trail. That was very hard. I was so tired at the end, going up and down the trail. I really was working hard. I really felt it in my joints. Hopefully this will get the chemo out!

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