Saturday, August 19, 2006

Food Report

Morning - banana, pear, OJ, apple
Lunch - nothing!
Dinner - bison burger, salad, soup

Today was the first round of the tourn and I am 10 strokes out, and Lee is 9. We played Pinehurst No. 5. It was ok, but I did not love this course. Lee and I went into Southern Pines for dinner. Pinehurst is having a scare with the water system and it makes it very hard to eat here. You can take a shower, but you can not even brush your teeth with tap water. E-coli is what they think is in the water.

Golfing tomorrow at No. 8.

I have to dedicate this blog to Eric Thomes. He has always been a good friend and is the reason I am at Pinehurst. He is a good guy with a great family.

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