Sunday, August 20, 2006

Food Report

Morning - cereal, ban, apple, pear
Brunch - I can not say, Christi will kill me
Dinner - fish, rice, veggies

Today I was at Pinehurst and went into the second round of this tournament. I did not fare well today, but Lee Bradley did very well. He finished up 3 strokes off the pace and is in contention for the win. Since I am not in contention, I decided to go back to Charlotte and not finish with the third round. I was really wanting to see Addi and really was tired. I played 3 rounds in three days, hit a lot of extra balls the first day, rode bike and walked a lot the second day, and I am ready to go home. Lee understood so off I went. Got home at 6:30 pm and had dinner at my Mom's house. I was so happy to see Addi. She changed just in the few days I was gone....

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