Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Food Report

Morning - cereal and shake
Lunch - 2 turkey wraps at Duke
Dinner - fresca sandwich from Wendy's, blue berry shake at DQ (ritual)

Today I went to Duke for a check up and chemo. Everything checks out ok and looks good. Brian W. and Nick S. came by to see me. We chatted about old frat days, etc. I did want to make one clarification on Brian: It is just my opinion he is off the market, there is no hard evidence to support my theory, just a lot of circumstantial evidence. (kind of like OJ!) If the ring won't fit, you must acquit! On that note, Nick is single as they come, so if anyone knows any hip ladies in the Raleigh area, let me know....

I am taking a pill that has enzymes in it to help you break down your food. Put it this way - I have laid enough bricks to build a house. I know that is gross, but getting unneeded things out of your body is really good for you. This is something that everyone should think about. I am still loopy from the drugs, that is why I had the audacity to put this part....

I feel good about everything and really am up beat. Tomorrow is coming, I believe that every day!


Anonymous said...

Fans of the blog and ladies all over the world,

Please rest assured there is no need to fret. I am still single (although, yes, I am dating Jennifer). I still have skills. I am still a catch that hasn't been caught. And yes, Bo is funny.


Anonymous said...

Bo, you are so funny! I am going to come by next week sometime to visit with you, Christi and Addi. Keep your head up and continue to stay strong! Your beating this.

Ashley (Caroline's friend)

Anonymous said...

Hey Bo, loved the brick laying comment. I remember how charting calories you eat and monitoring how it comes out becomes a very normal part of life with cancer - great to have a sense of humor about it. :) So glad to hear you're still eating well and feeling great and that the tests have been coming back good. Brendon and I are sure thinking about you guys and we've got extra room for Octoberfest if you're feeling up to some international travel. Keep up the great work!
-Peony Allen