Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Latest donor to Addi's Cure:

Americo - Michael Merrimon and Gary Muller

Michael Merrimon deserves a special thanks because of his involvement with cancer. He had a family member diagnosed with cancer, and he really knows his stuff. He also has a business that discovers drugs for cancer. He is really doing a lot for cancer, so for him to donate to Addi's Cure is special.

Today I went to the dentist, not to bad. Work was great, and we are at 60 plus now for employees. I think we are going to end this year up 32.6 percent. We are very lucky at FIG.

Christi and Addi are doing well also. Addi is so funny. I will get Christi to put up some new photos soon. Have a great night.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Here is the latest donors to Addi's Cure:

Carolyn Zajac Luby
Lori Bochner
Jenn Thomas
Darryl Chouinard

We are now at $20,810.

I do have some sad news. Mike Dixon, one of my friends who has lung cancer, died on Saturday. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. He was a good man who like me, did not deserve to have this disease. Addi's Cure will be making sure that we try not to let these deaths happen.

Hello Everyone, it is me Christi again...
I just wanted to say hello and tell everyone thank you for thinking about my family over the holidays, we had a great one! I ate way to much! Kansas was good, I didn't get to see as many friends as I would have liked to, but maybe over Christmas we can get together, everyone back there is having babies, so that is crazy. As for a Dad things are looking up. He met when an oncologist when I was back there and they found out that the cancer has spread to his lining, but they don't believe any futher than that. The lymph node test came back negative, so we all hope and pray the surgery got it all. 14 spots around the cancer tissue site came back negative as well. He is on the mend, but he is trying to do to much. So for all you Kansans if you see Larry Morgan out on a job site, send him back to his truck! Just for another couple of weeks, sorry Pa.
As for Bo, I love him, but he sure does get himself into some messes. He obviously put a facemask on that had poison oak on it. His rash is pretty much from the neck up...he is feeling better, but if you are allergic to poison oak, lucky me I am not, stay away from him. We will get him better by Christmas, I hope! It not I will take Christmas anyway, anyday with him.

Thanks too all and see you soon

Also a big Happy Birthday to our Princess Peyton, she is 3 Today!

PS - I attached a family photo of Addi's first Carolina game, don't worry, I will get to KU next! Way to knock off Florida, I have never been so proud.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Quick one tonight. We had a blast on thanksgiving. Went hunting and got poison oak.... Maybe will type better tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Christi and Addi came back tonight from Kansas. I was really happy to see them both. It seems that Addi has grown some, and she was happy to see her daddy.

Last night I did a presentation for Merritt's (my cousin) business class at Western Carolina University. It went very well. I was very surprised after the presentation when she presented me with $800.00 she raised for Addi's Cure. I only report them number because it is UNBELIEVABLE! College students gave out of the goodness of their hearts. Poor college students that are waiting tables, etc. It really was special to me. I have them listed below with all of the other donors. I really appreciate all of the donations, but I remember what it was like in college, and it just was special.

I went to Duke today for a check up. No scans, next time. I did talk to Susan, Tracy, and Dr. Crawford about Addi's Cure and what we should do with the money. There is some interesting research going on at Duke, and we have several options. Duke even talked about being able to give progress reports for the website, which should be up soon.

Here is the latest donors to Addi's Cure:

Jonathan Rice
Don and Heather Carlson
Candi Thomas
Lauren Story
Jami Bracey
Kappa Sigma at WCU
Ashley Thompson
Delta Chi Fraternity at WCU
Sigma Alpha Epsilon at WCU
Alpha Xi Delta at WCU

Thanks everyone, that brings us to: $18,636.00


Friday, November 17, 2006

It has been a little lonely without Christi and Addi around while they are in Kansas. I have been working a lot, and playing with the dogs. We really had a good week at FIG, and met with a lot of really good people. I really like doing business with quality people. This weekend I am going to play a little golf, and of course watch the MI vs OSU game. I think I am going for MI for Dennis Brown.

I am also going to spend some time with my god daughters this weekend. They are really cute little girls, and Peyton and Patterson are their names. I can only suspect that they will be getting in trouble with Addi later in life, although I am not sure which will be leading.... (I think it will be Peyton in the lead, Addi pushing her as well, and Patterson following because she is so laid back...)

Hope everyone has a good weeekend, leave me some comments!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wanted to let evertyone know that things are going well. Christi and Addi went out to visit her father in Kansas, so it is just me and the dogs at the house. Christi's dad is really doing well after surgery, and they have not found any more cancerous cells in him. GREAT NEWS.

Going to play a lot of golf this weekend and rest. I have a busy week next week and of course it is Thanksgiving. I am thankful for a lot of things.

I would like to ask everyone to pray for the family of a special friend of mine. She found out she had lung cancer 5 days ago and died this morning. I knew her through work, and she was a lovely lady. It has been a big shock to her family I am sure, so please pray that they deal with this tragic time the best way they can.

Here are some people that have given to Addi's Cure in the last little bit:

Anna Wiseman
Valerie Sancibrian
Carolyn P. Weaver

We appreciate every dime. I have been in talks with Dule and they are very excited about what we are doing. Have a great weekend.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Christi, Addi, and I are back from Hawaii and everything went well. We went over on a business trip with a company called Americo. They were great hosts and then we extended a little bit just to get some family time in. Kristen W. came with us as the "babysitter" and she did a great job with Addi when we had functions. I played golf twice, and played with Addi by the pool. She had a blast. Christi had fun as well, and it was nice for her to have someone there to help her with Addi when I was gone to a meeting, or golf.

While i was there, the majority shareholder of the firm told a story that i thought was inspiring. He talked about his dad being told he had two years to live in 1983 because of cancer. That is why he can in and took over the company. He was very happy to tell us that his dad was celebrating his 80th birthday while we were on the trip. I went up to him at one of the dinners to tell him I appreciated his comments. He was very knowledgeable on cancer and even has a cancer drug discovery business. He is a very nice man. Christi and I sat at his table for the last evening and met his wife Ellen as well. Good people.

We are almost done with the website for Addi's Cure. Here are the latest donations:

Kay Falandys
Rob Tekolste
Mary Garrison
Marylyn Katzer
Angie Cretors
Rachel Mestad
Esfandyar Dinshaw
Larry Gregory
Shelly Melcher of Asset Protection

We are well on our way to our goal of $50,000 by the end of the year. Please ask friends, etc. to donate so we can make it. I am excited and Addi's Cure will be a huge success for years to come.

On a health note on me = everything is still going well. I feel great. One of the reasons I do not update the blog as much now is because i am out living! You never know when the end will come, any of us. Let's take advantage now!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

FIG, my company, had a guest in today. Mark Zesbaugh, CEO of Allianz Life, came in to address everyone at FIG. It was a real treat. Eric Thomes and Clay came in with him. Eric made an announcement about how Allianz and a lot of their employees personally were going to help sponsor Addi's Cure. (It made my Mom cry!)

It was a very nice gesture. I have truly felt blessed that so many people are willing to help this endeavor out. All of the companies I work with have tried to do something for Addi's Cure, at least from personal support. Unbelievable!

As of today, Addi's Cure is at $16,140 just off the blog and people spreading the word. We need to get to at least $25,000 by December so I can match it. I am so pumped about this. Here is a list of people that have donated today:

Tom May
Allianz Life of NA
Todd Carlson
Ruth Fay
Pam Smith
Cathy Larson
Denise Venus
Mary K. Meyer
Nancy Golling
Lois Jeronimus
Scott and Jacqueline Fryklund
Daniel Halek
Lynette Mastous
Eric Thomes
Mark Zesbaugh
Heidi Wachholz
Ann Crawford
Chris Geist
Ron Barret
Brenda Schmitz
Kyle Casey
Dan Rourke
Don Urban
Dave Sipprell
John Amann
Dee Trowbridge
Brian Gengler
Kerry Kassulker
Brian Peterson
Matt Jarvi
Dave Vornwald
Curtis Kushinski
Samantha Schleder
Troy Cordell
Matt Perry

I will be in Hawaii with Christi and Addi next week so I might have limited access to the blog. Please know that I am so thankful for all of my friends and extended family. You are all making a difference in my experience with Cancer in a very positive way!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hey Everyone it is me Christi...I have good news. My father made it through surgery and things are looking up. Without the results back from the lymph nodes, his doctors are cautiously optimistic that the tumor was contained and they were able to remove it all. It was a rather large tumor, but it wasn't fully attached to the walls of the colon which is very good news. His surrounding organs looked clean showing no signs that it might have spread. We hopefully caught it in time. Now that you know more about my Dad than you wanted to, my entire family wants to thank you for your support and prayers. I especially do, a lot of people asked me what they can do to help, I have one thing to ask: Just know that life is a precious gift, kiss and hug your children, tell your parents you love them everytime you talk to them, call that friend you have been meaning to call, embrace the holidays and spoil everyone rotten and make sure your husband or wife knows that they are the most important person in the world. Let's end 2006 with a bang and make 2007 the best year ever!

Thank you again and let's keep praying for good results for everyone with cancer, for me, both my men.