Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hello to All - I hope this hot summer it treating you well. It isn't doing much for my bragging rights about being cooler than Kansas. I always give my family a hard time why NC is where I call home now. The mountains, the ocean, the cooler weather...well 2 out of 3 isn't bad. I new one to add to the list is Addi's cute accent. She is so country and so her father. Some things I just cannot make up. Addi could sell ice to Eskimos. Hence why she is so rotten, she convinces me to do some of the craziest things. Just like her in Target $100 less she reminds me, "Well I am my father's daughter." Seriously is she four! I guess I have mumbled that one too many times under my breath.
Addi and I have been enjoying July. I have been at work too much and I think the change is stressing Addi out a little, so we spend the weekends here and we are getting into trouble and crashing friends houses when the house is too quite. It is amazing that we are 8 months out and I still find myself crying once a day. (Well maybe not once a day, but on days like today, it feels like once a day) Most of the time remembering something funny, but other times, just memories everywhere. Good things and I wouldn't change them for the world, but crazy memories.
A year ago today we were surprising my Mom and Dad with their anniversary and Great Papa was another year older. Oh life is precious and I am so blessed with my little girl and family and friends, but life is fleeting. We are already talking about shopping for school supplies, Addi will have one more year of pre-school and then kindergarten. I think I will be excited and proud of her if it hadn't been such a milestone Bo wanted to live to. With that I know he will be there next year with us, but will make the day a greater accomplishment for Addi, but leave a larger hole for us.
Now that you all think I am absolutely nuts tonight, I promise you we are good. Just having a night. And I wrote once that on those nights I would turn to those out there to vent to. Better an unknown voice than someone of the phone thinking that they need to run me to a psych ward. I hope everyone is well and we will see you all soon.
Love to All
Christi and Addi

Monday, July 05, 2010

Hello to All - I have come to realize that I am camera dependant on other people. I have to much to wrap my mind around and get places for the life of me to remember a camera. So for anyone that took pictures last night, I would love a link to see!
With that being said, Addi and I had a good 4th of July. We didn't really have any plans and some friends called us in the morning to go boating, so boating did. Addi like to float on her back (life jacket on) and declare this is the life. I think the trend is spreading amongst her friends. From there we went to another friends house for a cook out and to watch the fireworks. Thanks Grahams, also for the sleepover last night. As Addi and I were laying on the back of the boat waiting for darkness to come we saw the first star come out. We typically wish on that one, but last night when I asked Addi what she was wishing for she simply told me that "her heart was telling her that was her Daddy." Gosh I hope so...
Needless to say Addi was so exhausted she didn't make it through the fireworks and she fell asleep (holding my beer - in my defense I was covering her ears because the "booms" were so loud.) So for those of you that took pictures, it was completely innocent.
We then slept over at the Grahams and got donuts, hit the pool today and started digging the house out of our mess that somehow I create over and over again. One of these days I will get a grasp on everything. Right now I am just enjoying time with Addi and figure little by little the rest will get done. Right?
I hope everyone had a safe 4th!
Love to All
Christi and Addi
PS - Hard to believe 7 months have come and gone...I realize that when you lose someone so significant in your life that the hole aches the same. Life happens to help you through, but the ache is always there.