Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday was a really fun day. Work went well. We had some really good people in for training. We had two super guys out of the ones that were there and they were very nice. I did not ride my bike this morning as today was a break and I will resume on Sunday. I wanted to get geared up for my second round of chemo on July 6th. So I will be able to ride Sun, Mon, Tues, and Wed before the chemo on Thurs.

Eating today was a breakfast of turkey bacon, posched eggs, smoothie, and soy milk. I need to eat the Irish oats more. They are really good with fruit or honey mixed in, but I just forget. Lunch was turkey bacon BLTs. I had dinner at the yacht club and it was part of a celebration I will explain in a minute. I had salad, fruit which included canalope, blueberries, and strawberries, and watermelon. On the buffet they had a lot of good things that made me really jealous!Desserts, ribs, etc!

Every year, the yacht club has the Embers come and play. We had thirty people including me and Christi and Addi. We spread out blankets and listened to the music. It was fun. The nice thing is the yacht club is across the cove from our house, so it is really easy to get to it and we can walk back and forth. Everyone had a super time. The Embers were really good and they played a lot of beach music, etc.

I talked to Suzi today as well. She is from my hometown and she has lung cancer also. We hung out some when we were in high school. She is really nice. I would like to ask everyone out there to pray for her as well. She is 32 a has a two year old and a four year old, and I am just not sure she is as pumpd up as I am. We talked for about 30 minutes. I have been praying for her and I hope that she can get back positive. Please don't forgether in your prayers.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

I hope everyone is well today. I started with a bike ride today that went a little over 10 miles. I want you to know I would have gone further, but time was an issue. Jay Robinson rode with me today and got to my house at 6:00 am. Thanks Jay. I had poached eggs and turkey bacon, as well as a huge fruit smoothie. Once I got to work we had a busy day. We have several agents in the office today as we have a two day program for Thursday and Friday.

I had lunch at the house. Christi had lunch ready and I ate a lot. We had brown rice and what I call squash surprise. I also had soy milk which I am telling you is not bad.

After lunch I had a surprise phone call from Jenny. It was nice to hear her voice. She had just found out and was really upset. I think it helped her to read the blog, which is why I am doing this. Any way, the conversation ended on a positive note.

Dinner was with the group we had in. I love doing business dinners. Christi and Addi stopped by and of course everyone loves Addi. Basically tonight I am going to get some rest, looking forward to the 4th of July weekend. I am playing golf on Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday. I am really looking forward to July 6th as well, which is my next chemo. I hope and pray I have the same kind of reaction this time as well.

I also really want to thank everyone that has made a comment on the blog. I appreciate it. It makes me feel good to read them.

This is also something I want you to know. I am really doing ok. Yes, it sucks I have cancer and lung cancer to boot. However, I am really trying to beat this. I am doing everything I can do here. So, keep me in your prayers and spread the word to all of the people that know me - I am going to do everything to beat this. Pray for me.

Last thing - I thought I would tell a funny story. i am going to tell it exactly like it happened, so please do not get offended.

How you tell your oldest friend you have cancer, and how it can be funny.....

I called Lee Bradley on June 2 to tell him the news. At the time, I was really feeling pretty low. I ceim on my way to work on his cell. I asked him to be ready for some big news and I asked him if he was sitting down. He said to me, "Bo, come on man! I already know that you are gay!" I actually started to laugh. Then I told him and of course he did not believe me. He even thought that was a horrible thing to say. Eventually, I got him to understand I was being serious. My point is, when life delivers the WORST news possibl, your oldest friend in the world just thinks you have changed your sexual oreintation! How funny. Thought you would see the mr in this story, again, not meant to offend anyone....

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Today I switched riding from in the evening to the morning. It was very nice to ride in the morning. I did over 10 miles this morning. Traffic was calm and I rode from 6:30 until 7:15 am. I was smart the night before and cooked breakfast then. I had turkey bacon and poached eggs. I love turkey bacon so much. I even had it for lunch on BLTs. Nanomaise or whatever it is called is not half bad. We took some people to the club for dinner. I had 8 oz salmon steak and a salad with a chicken breast cut over it. I am still hungry tonight so there is no telling what I am going to make when I am done.

Work was great again. I believe that my rash is getting a lot better. Not much to say today. I want to thank everyone for posting messages to me, emailing me, and calling me. Remember - I am in this fight and I need your prayers. Keep them coming!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Here is an update from Tuesday:

I tried to switch biking times from after work to before work. Today, it rained in Cornelius until 12:00 pm or so. So no dice. Got up and had to be at work for the advisory board meeting. Everything went well today. Heard from a few people that did not know. Ron Bradley called me and was so nice. Rick Swann called me as well. I forget that people can still be shocked. Allianz sent me this really cool present yesterday I forgot to mention. It is a Carolina Ball that all of them signed, and it came with a picture of all of them by the Allianz sign in MN holding up their white cancer bracelets. It was really thoughtful. ING sent me a Play Station Portable and a game to use at Duke while I am sitting around doing chemo which was really nice. Basically, it really made me know that people are out there pulling for me. So many people have been so nice.

I had this whole wheat cereal thing morning and turkey bacon to do something a little different. I also had a smoothie. It was good. I forgot my medicine today so I had to take it at lunch. I was really upset I forgot. I had lunch at the club and had chicken breast and salad. Tonight I had salmon again with salad and potatoes.

Tonight I did 12 miles on the bike. I also played with Addi some today even though I am afraid she is sick. Couldn't help it. She is so awesome. I made the promise to her that I would walk her to kindergarten several weeks ago. I am doing all this stuff for Christi and Addi. A little for me, but mostly for them. Thanks for reading....

Monday, June 26, 2006

All right! Monday means work. While I am glad to have the weekend for family and golf, I do like work. Today started with poached eggs and turkey bacon, and of course a strawberry and banana smoothie. I am getting pretty good at the smoothie! Please try turkey bacon, it is really pretty good. I went to work and it was fun. We are really doing well and everyone is doing a good job. There are some standouts and are they cooking. I am very excited about all of our employees and I really do think they try hard. They have been awesome during all of this.

I went home for lunch and had left over salmon, lima beans, pinto beans, small whole potatoes, and rice. It was good with soy milk.

The rash is getting better so to speak. What I mean is that the intensity is going down, but a lot more area is effected. It really is not too bad, and of course if this is how it has to be for me to stick around, so be it!

After work I had a 7:00 meeting, so I had to hurry home and eat. Christi made wheat pasta with tomatoes, onions, artichoke hearts, and maybe a couple of other things in it. It was really good, and we will add that to the list of good things to fix again. My wife has wonderful. I wanted to play with Addi some but she is a little sick so I have to be careful around her. I watched her eat and trust me, she attacks the food like her daddy.

I then went to a "town" meeting. Bill, Jo, and I are partners in this land deal. We are trying to put a senior community in on 140 acres here in Cornelius. There are several other partners as well, including my buddy Phil. Basically, the people that live in that community had a chance to ask questions, etc. I think it went very well. These people realize that change is coming, and we are a better alternative than some of the other proposed things that could happen. I think that they will come around, and we will get the zoning we need. However, I do know it is a hard decision since this is their small community and it will mean change.

I came home at 9:00 pm and had a decision to make. Should I ride or not. As Christi pushed me out the door, I decided to ride. I am going to change it to the morning soon. I think it will be cooler and less traffic. I rode about 10 miles tonight. It felt great. I am so lucky that during this so far I have felt as good as I have. It is awesome to know that I am kicking cancer's butt so far. I am sure it will get harder, but every day I am thankful for being able to do everything have always done. Thanks for reading.....

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I actually have a fan of the blog. Carolyn from MN sent me an email to see if I get weekends off from updating the blog. I was very flattered! So I am updating early today and we will dedicate today to Carolyn, Eric, Carter, and the boys (Weston and Walker) as I call them.

Saturday was really a fun day minus some new side effects. Man, I am SO lucky on side effects I hate to even bring it up. Basically, I have a "rash" that is on my chest, upper back, underarms, and "hide from the sun" areas. It does not really itch or anything, just looks bad. The people at Duke told me that this could happen, and I had really only had a blotchy face until today. I will send them an email on Monday, and maybe they can do something about it. Any way, I went golfing today with Jim Cooper, Matt Hand, and Daniel Cain, my brother. We did our golfing at Colonial Golf Club in Thomasville. Daniel is a member there. First of all, I have to give him props, he paid for my golf. Everyone that knows me knows I HATE to have people pay for my stuff so he was very sneaky to do that. I bugged him several times but he refused. (I will just get him down to my club soon for a payback!) I shot a 91 and played ok. I hit the driver GREAT but putting did me in. I had several opportunities to score well and just did not do it. His course was awesome and of course Jim and Matt were funny. We had a good time.

I had to hurry back because some of the boys from Hendersonville were coming to town and I thought it best not to leave them unattended in our town. Scott Lee, Chip Lee, Lee Bradley, and Tina Bradley came in around 4:00 pm. It amazed me that none of them had ever seen Addi in person. We cooked out and talked about high school, etc. My mom and Bill came over as well as Walker and Candace. It was funny to see everyone just chatting and interacting again. Something like this should not have to bring everyone together. If you have not see your pals in awhile, CALL THEM AND SET SOMETHING UP. We told a lot of stories to my mom that she did not know the "full" extent of. She laughed a lot and it was fun. We now truly have no secrets! We had steaks, squash surprise, fresh fruit, salad, fresh corn on the cob, fresh watermelon, and rolls. It was really good. I did not have steak, I had free range chicken, but it was still good.

After that we watched the UNC Tarheels roll in the college world series. Isaiah Smith came over since he went to high school with all of us and chatted. We even talked by phone to John Twitty, another HHS friend. We basically just chatted the night away.

Sunday morning we got up and had breakfast. Most of the time, I eat oats and poached eggs, with turkey bacon. Same this morning. Chip Lee, Scott Lee, Phil Graham, and I played my club today. Same as yesterday, shot a 91. On the front I played terrible and shot a 50. On the back, the hardest of the nines to me, I played a lot better and went 5 over for a 41 with a double. All and all, I CAN NOT PUTT! Still did not matter, I had a great time. We decided to meet Addi and Christi for lunch at the club. We all had a good time. When we got back to my house, Chip and Scott had to go. It was really good seeing them. I took a shower and just hung out with Addi and Christi. As I type this, I am getting ready to go over to Bill and mom's for dinner with the family. We are having salmon which is awesome! I have been eating good, that is for sure.

One other thing has been real nice. Scott Williams called me today to go to a Pops in the Park deal in Charlotte. Everyone has been really nice to make sure I am getting out, etc. I have a lot fo people that care about me and it really helps in pushing forward even though you have something horrible in the back of your head. I am really positive about being positive. I have never felt better in my life. I have slight cough, blotchy face, a rash, and that is it. I fell fine. I hope that whatever comes my way, it knows that there is a fight that is going to happen. I will not go down looking if it scome to that. Personally, I think I have a 50/50 shot whether the doctors think that or not. Thanks for reading....

Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday at last. Work was really good today. I feel like I got a lot accomplished. For our industry, FIG is really doing well. This year, most are down, yet we are still up between 12-18 percent. The FIG employees are really stepping up to the plate, especially during my illness.

I did want to mention a call I got. Mandy from Hendersonville called me today and wanted to know if the rumor was true. She was very sweet. She also told me about another young lady from Hendersonville that had lung cancer as well. She is a year younger than me. I was very sad to hear that. From what Mandy said, she does not have quite the same positive attitude I have. I asked Mandy to have her call me, and I am going to PUMP HER UP! Even though I am realest, I still believe that god has plans for me. I am not sure what that is right now, but I am going to do everything I can to stay on this earth. There are three reasons for me staying - Addi, Christi, and the plan I am supposed to undertake. That is it. It really is amazing that I feel I have let this situation go, and what happens will happen, but I am not going to let this take control over me. Period.

This morning I had these organic flakes as well as a smoothie. For lunch I had wheat spaghetti along with turkey ground, and dinner was the same but with a huge salad. Soy milk is really not bad now.

My dad called me today with some encouraging words. It has been so nice the support I have gotten from everyone. People have sent me stuff of course, but the calls and notes have been really cool. It is nice to know that many people just wonder what is going on with you. I am excited about this weekend, getting to spend time with my family and friends.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

This morning I got up and was SUPER hungry. I had some Irish oats, and some poached eggs. I topped it off with a real strawberry and banana smoothie. Work went very well. I was 4 minutes late which is not good. I will admit again, I am not getting a lot of sleep at night. Awake up a lot. It is hard to get up in the morning which is a change for me. Lunch was good. The most normal thing I have now is turkey "BLTs" and I love them. I can not have good Duke's mayonnaise any more, I have to eat this soy stuff. It is ok, but I miss Dukes very much. USA lost today which was bad.

Tonight I had free range chicken, squash, zucchini, onions, and soy milk. I then rode about 8 miles again tonight. The only thing that has turned out to be a symptom is my face is a little blotchy from the Tarceva, and the tips of my fingers seem numb sometimes. Other than that, another great day of feeling great with a bit of a cough.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I went to Duke today for a routine check up, and everything was fine. We left at 6:30 am, so it was going to be a long day. I had a really good time going up there. Christi and my mom rode with me so we chatted a lot. I wanted my mom to come so she could meet some of the staff at Duke and feel as comfortable as I do with them. She really liked everyone and I think this trip made her feel better.

We met with Susan Blackwell and Carolyn. They wanted to check me out since I had chemo last Thursday. Basically, my blood looked great and everything was well in range. I actually had gained some weight, and we will have to thank Christi for that. Even though my results are surprising, I think the doctors were very pleased that I had done so well with the chemo. Right before we met with the doctors, we met with DJ. DJ is a counselor at Duke and very nice. She has always come by to see us every time we are at Duke. Always to say hello, never trying to bother us. We like her a lot.

I got home today and went riding again on my bike with Jay. He says we did 12 miles tonight, but I will tell you it was over 10 miles. My goal is to get to 15 miles per day, then I will see if I can go higher. Christi did the vegetarian thing tonight, so we had black-eyed peas, lentil beans, and brown rice. I had soy milk to drink. I ate too much! Best thing to leave you with is I feel great!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday, June 20th

Today was a workday like all of the rest. We were pretty busy and it was a good day. I have not really been sleeping all that well, however, it has not really affected me too much. I rode the bike again today and went another 8 miles. Every night I get so excited after the bike ride so I get in the Tahoe and see the actual mileage. Where I ride is through my neighborhood and it is pretty hilly. It is a fun ride. Tonight for dinner, Christi made atlantic cod and squash and zucchini casserole. It was really good. Tomorrow, I have to get up at 5:00 am to head to Duke for a check up and a meeting with Susan Blackwell. I am sure that she is just going to make sure that I am doing ok after the chemo last Thursday.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Monday, June 19th

Another great day at FIG! I am really proud of our employees; I think they are really stepping up. I came home for lunch and had free range chicken and black-eyed peas from the cookout the night before. After work, went on an 8 mile ride with Jay Robinson from work. It was good. Breathing went well and my legs were a little tired but I think my lungs did fine. Christi has been trying so hard to make me things that are good to eat as well as healthy. She has really been doing a good job. Tonight, Jay and I had free range chicken with brussel sprouts, onions, and a salad. They had water, and I had soy milk. After that, played with Addi and the dogs, then I went to the store. My night finished up as Carolina won the Stanley Cup.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunday, June 18th

I had a great first father’s day. Addi and Christi framed a picture for me. It was different pictures and the tickets of the first sporting event Addi and I ever went to together. It was a Bobcats game, and it was really nice. We had some breakfast and went to church. Then we came home and hung out until we went to Mom’s for dinner. Mitch Barnett came to see me that night, and Daniel and Andrea were there with little Joe, as well as Tracia and Joel. Mom and Bill were there as well.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday, June 17th

Played golf today with Mike Mullan and Shawn Lee. Shawn shot the best round he has ever scored, and Mike and I tied. I hit the ball well, just not really straight as I wanted. We played 18. I then met Christi at Phil’s daughter Patterson’s birthday party. She is one of my goddaughters; the other is Phil’s oldest Peyton. It was a lot of fun. After that, we check on our friend Justin who was down and out for a little bit, he entertained us with a little World Cup soccer on his big screen. After all, that excitement, we went home and just hung out.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday, June 16th

I took the Tarceva for the second time today. I can not tell a difference, but we will see how it goes. I went to work at 8:30 am, chemo having no effect on me so far. Worked all day and had a good day. Anna from work made a sign for me that basically says:

Bo Johnson 1 Chemo 0

At this time, I wanted to take a moment to Thank Everyone for their support. We have had so many people encouraging my family, and me that I know I have to beat this. Thank you everyone for your phone calls, cards, letters, gifts and kind sentiments. Having a support system that Christi, Addi and I have makes this experience so much more tolerable.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday, June 15

Back to Duke Again! Christi, Bill, and I had an appointment to go over the trial again with Dr. Crawford. He was very patient with me. As most of you know, this is very hard. He explained everything very well and I decided to go for it. To get into the trial, I had to complete one more test, and that is a bone scan. I did that, and then waited for chemo. I started about 4:00 pm and it takes 4 hours. I get the drugs through my veins, so I guess I just sort of laid there. I watched TV and of course answered email. During chemo the first time, I got really hungry, so Christi got me a wrap and it was really good. I did not get sick that day, and it went very well. Dr. Crawford actually came up to check on me, which was very nice. Lee Bradley also can down to see me.

When I left the hospital, we decided to eat again, and I was hungry. I also made several calls to people so they would know I was ok. We got back at 10:45 pm.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

June 7 - 14

From this point on, we decided to try to get a couple of other opinions. We wanted to make sure that other concurred with Dr. Crawford. From all of the other places, we heard basically the same thing. It took some time to get all of the places contacted as well as sending the scans overnight, etc. Dr. Crawford also called some of his colleagues at some of the places as well. Here is what we heard: Everyone said to take Tarceva, and then there was some dissention as far as whether to do it with chemo or alone. I had several people trying to help me on this endeavor. Arin, Steve, Dennis, and several others really did a good job in getting me over the hump on these days. Especially Dennis Brown. He called one night when I was having a “bad” night, and it really helped me. Also during this time has been my diet change. I have changed EVERYTHING. Honestly, it is very hard to eat right in America. I challenge you to try it for a week only. I went ahead during this time and made an appointment at Duke to start treatment. I felt very comfortable working with them, but I will admit I was still looking when I made this appointment. I knew I wanted to START, and starting something would make me feel better. Duke had also bent over backwards to make me feel good and comfortable, where MD Anderson was SO COLD, as was Sloan-Kettering. Dr. Louis from Ohio State was very nice as well. I started riding my bike this week again and I did 6 miles today with Jay Robinson.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday, June 12

We met again with Dr. Chai to go over the new test results and see what clinical trial he could provide us. He essentially agreed with Dr. Crawford on doing the trail at Duke.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

June 6

When I got to Duke I had to get a PET scan first. This is more intense than a CT scan and can also show if the cancer had spread. I had to be injected with some “radioactive stuff”, then sit there and wait for it to go through my body. After awhile, I had the scan done. After the PET scan was delivered, I meet with Dr. Thomas D’Amico first, who is a brilliant thoracic surgeon and Scott Balderson who is the PA. Both these physicians took time out of their busy day to answer any question Christi and I had or could think of. They showed us why they are the best, we didn’t leave that room until we felt like we could, and that was hours later, Scott stayed with us the entire time and made sure we need and felt they hope they wanted to provide. They explained to me that they had reviewed the PET scan and had determined that surgery was not an option. They explained it very well and honestly, it was not good news. I was really hoping to have the cancer taken out, and then do some chemo. After meeting with those guys, I met with Susan Blackwell, who is a PA for Dr. Jeff Crawford. Dr. Crawford is a brilliant guy who is taking care of my treatment. He is the head of oncology at Duke, and I have seen him quoted in several articles and journals. We met with Susan and then Dr. Crawford to go over options. Basically, the options were to go on standard treatment or to try a clinical trial. Dr. Crawford suggested that I go with a clinical trial. The one he wanted me to do had two groups that were randomized. Group A had the drug Tarceva only, and Group B got the Tarceva as well as standard chemo (Carboplantin and Taxol) drugs. The hard decision would be whether to take everything, or be ok with being able to be randomized.
That night I also had a brian MRI to confirm that cancer hadn’t spread there. This test did confirm that my brain is fine, except the obvious.

Monday, June 05, 2006

June 5

I got a call from Adam today and he got me into Duke for the 6th at 7:15 am. He will never know how much I appreciate this, as I think it would be very difficult to get into Duke so quickly. Another surprise was the two doctors I was seeing, more on that, later. Christi and I left that night to go to Brian William’s house to stay for the night in Durham. He is my buddy from ASU.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

June 3

This is the day I really think I caught a break. Justin Faunce, a buddy of mine, has a friend named Adam who is an MD at Duke. Justin gave me his number and I called him to see what he could do for me. He said he would call me on Monday and see what he could do.

The rest of the weekend, I spent hanging out with my family and doing some soul searching. My Dad and Papa came down from Hendersonville to check on me and my family. They wanted to offer their lungs to me and make sure I had the fighting mentality. I appreciate them doing this. We had a great dinner Saturday night with friends, Bob and Rebecca Axelrod, Peter, Walker and Candace Ham and the immediate family. Somehow laughter and stories entered our night and reality escaped for a moment.

Friday, June 02, 2006

June 2

I went to work today somehow. I did not sleep at all, but worked seemed to be a comfort. Bill, Mom, and I decided to tell our 50 plus employees at the already planned employee meeting that day at 4:30 pm. Basically, all day I tried to keep my mind off of the situation. Bill and I talked about how to get to the different doctors and hospitals, and make sure they had my information. Any way, at 4:30, I went into the training room and let everyone know. It was hard but it was also the best thing I could do. It really felt as if a weight was taken off my shoulder. All of the employees seemed to do as well as expected. I think everyone was just stunned. I think it was good to tell them then so they had the weekend to sort it out.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

June 1

I went to work this morning because I had a meeting with a carrier. After the meeting I left for the appointment with Dr. Jervis. Bill and Christi went with me. We arrived in his office and sat to wait. It had been a long night and I was pretty tired. We went in his office and I saw Maria again. She was a nurse that was so nice to me when I went to his office the first time. She was super nice again. I do not think she knew why I was there at the time, but her being nice made a big difference for me. Any way, we went into the room and Dr. Jervis came in. He brought up the CT scan and showed me horrible news. I had cancer. It was really crazy to see it in black and white. In my left lung, there was a distinct tumor of about 1.8 cm and then several smaller nodules. In my right lung, there were about 20 nodules. Basically, it was in both lungs. I had lung cancer, adenocarcinoma with a metastasis spread, stage 4 of 4.

Wow! What can I write at this time to let you know how we felt in the room? Nothing! It was the worse experience of my life so far, and I can not describe it. I asked the doctor to give us a minute and we got a little upset. After a few minutes, Dr. Jervis came back in and asked us if we had questions. Honestly, I think he was just as shocked as we were. He had no idea that he would find cancer in a 34 year old, non smoking male in good health. We had a few questions about prognosis, etc. Basically, he said that I had 4-6 months unless I went through some treatment that worked. It was very difficult to hear, but those were the facts. He is a pulmonary specialist, so he asked me to visit Dr. Chai in Matthews, NC. Dr. Jean Chai is an oncologist with Carolina Cancer Care. We decided to try to visit him that day, and Dr. Jervis got us in. As I was leaving Dr. Jervis and his office, Maria the nurse came up to me. She handed me a little wooden angel and said she would be praying for me. It was very nice of her to have such compassion at a time like that for me. She was very sweet. I will try to keep that angel in my pocket from this point on. I need one!

We went to Dr. Chai’s office and waited. We did see him, and he was very nice. Basically he explained a little more about cancer, and what kind I have. There were some positive things in this talk, but a lot was bad. We decided that I wanted to have some other opinions. Through conversations with many different people, I decided to contact Duke Medical, MD Anderson, Ohio State, Sloan Kettering, and Dana Faber. We left Dr. Chai with the hope of getting more information.

One of the hardest things I had to do was to tell all of my family that night. I asked my family to come over that night. Caroline, Mike, Tracia, Joel, Bill, Mom, Christi, and Addi were there. Even thought they had some idea something was wrong with me, no one wanted to hear the words I said. I also had to call my Dad and Grandfather, as well as Christi’s parents and close family. Everyone was shook up pretty bad. My Mom was really upset. We chatted and drank a lot of wine that night. I thought I was going to have to drive her home!