Monday, June 19, 2006

Monday, June 19th

Another great day at FIG! I am really proud of our employees; I think they are really stepping up. I came home for lunch and had free range chicken and black-eyed peas from the cookout the night before. After work, went on an 8 mile ride with Jay Robinson from work. It was good. Breathing went well and my legs were a little tired but I think my lungs did fine. Christi has been trying so hard to make me things that are good to eat as well as healthy. She has really been doing a good job. Tonight, Jay and I had free range chicken with brussel sprouts, onions, and a salad. They had water, and I had soy milk. After that, played with Addi and the dogs, then I went to the store. My night finished up as Carolina won the Stanley Cup.

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