Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Addi's Cure update:

Without doing anything but chat on this blog, you have raised $8,190 for this cause. It has been awesome. I have sent out some emails to various companies, so I am expecting them to step up. Doing a charity is harder than I thought, but I am having fun doing it. Many of you have given great ideas for fundraising, and super recipes for our cookbook. Thank you! I am excited and looking forward to Addi's Cure on a website soon. Here are the latest people that have given to the cause:

Brent and Megan Henning
Papa (Bo's Grandpa)
Dad (Bo's Dad)
Bruce and Janet Mullan (Bo's sister Caroline in-laws)
Producer's Web (this is an awesome company that FIG does business with. This was unsolicited which makes it even better!)

I did go to Duke yesterday and did all new scans. Everything came back stable, which is awesome. I think everything I am doing is helping.

Tonight Addi went trick or treating and had a blast. She is doing really well. Christi and I are very proud of her....

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Addi, Christi, and I went to the mall today to mess around. It was a lot of fun. There is a store called Express, and it plays "techno" music. Addi stopped in the doorway as we were walking by and started dancing. It was a lot of fun seeing her. She has a big personality, that is for sure.

We did get some potentially bad news this week. Christi's dad found out he has colon cancer. While this is a blow, we are really positive that things will work out. We believe that the surgery he will have on Wednesday of this week will take care of it. Please make sure you pray hard for him, the family needs it. I think he has a good chance to have surgery and a full recovery!

I also ask you to pray for Christi. Today is our anniversary of when we first met 5 years ago at the now famous interview. Ask her about it sometime.... She does not deserve to have to male influences in her life having these problems. This has certainly stressed her out, but she has been a saint. Please say a little prayer for her as well.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Hello out there!

I am back from LA and I did see a doctor there. He is from China originally, and was very nice. I am drinking a tea made from herbs that he gave me. It is awful and stinks. Here is his info:

Chang S. Xin (a famous cancer specialist in China), L.Ac., CA. L. Herbs, U.S.A. O.M.D., M.D. (China)
Professor Chief Doctor and Senior Researcher of T.C.M., Laureate of Famous Doctor by China Government
General Herbs, Acupuncture, Cupping, Herbal Vapourtherapy. Specializing in Pains, Cancers, Non-Operative Treatments for Gangrene, Paralysis & Some Hard Treatment Diseases

He gave me a powder and a big bag of herbs. He is also shipping stuff back to me. We will see.

Addi's Cure Update

I have gotten several donations from people and I wanted to make sure I listed everyone:

Ron Bradley
Doug Ray
Boo Budddy
Robin Moorman
Matt Pardine
Brendon Allen
Jeaene Taylor

If I have not listed you and you have given, please let me know. I am trying hard to make sure I list everyone!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Quick update:

I am in LA right now and I am going to see a doc that Christi wants me to see. This guy is pretty famous in China. Terry Morgan sent us over his stuff and bam, here I am. I was on PHX on business and decided to take a day trip up to LA to see this guy. I will let you know how it goes.

Addi's Cure - Thanks Jeanne T. for the donation, very sweet. We have opened the account now so all of you should be seeing a letter from us soon showing your donation....

See you soon!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Some people have asked to see Addi's busted up nose...She did this the day before her birthday, this is on her birthday.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hello from Cornelius....

I am on my way to Arizona tomorrow so I wanted to update everyone on what has been going on. Basically boring, except FIG has had the best two months we have ever had in history. Matt Hand and I played golf on Friday afternoon, then hung out with Christi and Addi today. We took Addi to the Renaissance festival and she was not having it....

I will be in AZ until Tuesday late, but I am playing golf twice so that is good.

I have gotten a lot of emails about Addi's Cure, and I appreciate it. I think we are going to do a fundraiser that is simple first, that being a cookbook. That being said, I would like everyone to send recipes to me. They need to be full deals with everything you need. I also want your name to put by it. It needs to be lunches, dinners, and desserts. Please send any you have to bojohnson2@hotmail.com and please ask your friends to help. We will try to do it for the holidays. I will let you know more details soon....

Curtis and Erin Morgan gave to Addi's Cure this weekend. We are over $6,000 so far.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

This has been a very good week, we have a softball game so we are racing to that in just a little bit. Christi and I have been trying to find some fundraising events to do and people have sent a bunch of great ideas, we will let you know what we are planning something very soon. People have been extremely generous, it is overwhelming the generosity out there. This is an updated list of more people that have sent money:

Justin Jacquinot
Chip and Kathy Lee
Phil Graham
Daniel and Andrea Cain
Cody and Jennifer Foster
Jay West
Terry Morgan
Isaiah Smith
John and Kim Salvatore

I am very happy to say that the total is $5725.00. This is great. I am asking for one more favor - ask anyone you can to send a donation as well. They can send it to:

Addi's Cure
c/o Bo Johnson
19520 West Catawba Ave
Suite 200
Cornelius, NC 28031

My next line of fire is to ask some of the companies that I work with for dome help. I am hoping to raise $100k by December 31. It is really a big goal. I need everyones help.

Addi, Christi and I are very pumped about how things are going. See you soon!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Several things to get to today so please read all of this. Very important!

I want to thank Neal Karn for putting together a book for me with pictures and words of encouragement from a lot of my friends. It must have been very difficult to coordinate all of that, and I was touched! It was really awesome and I want to thank everyone for sending in stuff to Neal. It made me tear up....

I also wanted to give an update on Addi's Cure. It is very important to me that this project be VERY successful. We have started designing the website (Lauren and Anna) and letterhead, and I have everything to set up the banking except for the tax id number which should be here this week. We have brainstormed for our first event, and there have been several good suggestions: casino night, New Years Eve Bash, bike race, walk race, funny tri-atholon, bake sale, and many more. We are trying to have something before the end of the year. I would like to have two things annually, one in the spring, one in the late fall. IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS, PLEASE EMAIL ME OR PUT IN A COMMENT! Your giving has been overwhelming and I appreciate it. Here is another list of people who have given:

Chris and Crystal Dodds (Christi's sister and brother in law)
Larry and Terri Morgan (Christi's parents)
Mike Katzer (Christi's uncle)
Mike and Caroline Mullan (my sister and brother in law)
Tashawna Rodwell
Wade and Kenda Laughey
Terry and Anita Cook
God (not making fun, a nice girl sent me her tithe)
Kelly Stamey

These people sent in $1245.00, and the total so far is $3,870.00. Unbelievable!

Last but not least, I went to Norfolk this weekend to see a guy called Adam the healer. It was very interesting, and i learned several techniques for visualization. This is a guy I learned about on ABC, and so think he is a fraud. He never claimed to me to be anything other than someone who believes that each person has the ability to heal themselves. The science behind this is amazing and it shows how important it is to have the right environment around you at all times. This is not just where you live, but also the type of people around, what you eat, stress, etc. If anyone ever wants to check this guy out, you can go to dreamhealer.com and see for yourself. I learned as much about how to work with Addi as I did about me, so in both ways it was worth it.

Congrats to Merritt for being homecoming queen at WCU!

Love you all!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Today is all about Addi!

Today is my daughter's first birthday, and I am so proud. She is such an amazing little girl, so much spirit and personality. I can not even begin to express how much I love her.

We are having a party at a park here in town. She is going to have some little friends over to play, it will be fun. No ponies this year, she is too little, but there will be a bigger blow out next year. I would go ahead and schedule it, since the race may be the same weekend.

I know that a lot of people that read this are parents. I used to not understand how you could love someone so much that you would do anything for that person. I met Christi and felt this way, however, having a kid is different. If something does happen to me, I know that everyone might be sad, but it will get better for those people with time. Addi is a different story, because it would linger with her whenever someone asks about her daddy. I have promised her at least 5 years. I did that believing in medical science and God, knowing that they would take care of me after that.

Please say a little prayer for Addi today. She deserves it for one, and for two, she needs all the help she can get being my daughter.... :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sorry Bo fans, it's me Christi.
We made it back from Chemo #6, that last one in this cycle. Bo took it like a champ. We met briefly with the doctor, Susan, and from here on out we let Bo's body heal up and do his thing. I feel like this is the most important time in Bo's fight. We are strenuously concentrating on his diet, exercise and positive attitude, I think he has the last one down pat. The diet is moving up a notch. We are going to eat more green leafy veggies than any known person will eat. Bo is going to step up the exercise also, if anyone in our area likes to ride in the morning let us know, I can't keep up that well, tried, but hurts the Morgan rear. (Don't worry Terry, I won't let him work out to throw his PH Balance off) There is a theory that lactic acid feeds cancer as well, so we will just work out at a steady pace.

On a personal note, thank you to everyone praying for us, helping with Addi and supporting Addi's Cure. I think it is so important to educate people that lung cancer isn't a smoker's cancer. I get extremely frustrated when we tell people Bo has lung cancer and they say, "Oh I didn't know he smoked?" I kindly inform them smoking or not, no one deserves cancer. I think lung cancer is under funded because people blame others for having it because they smoked, that just isn't true. We have heard so many stories at Duke and from others of non-smokers having lung cancer. I figure the more people getting educated, hopefully, the more research and funding will happen. I told Bo today that I am going to write Oprah, Katie course and every other reporter out there about this and try to get someone to tell the whole story and Bo can then explain how he is fighting this and winning. Oh well, enough of that.
Sorry so long, but I talk a lot. Addi turns 1 Friday, the 13th! I wish we would have planned that better. So we are busy planning our little party. I am so excited that my Mom is flying out, I wish my whole family could be here, but I certainly understand.
Take care everyone and be safe
Love, Christi

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Addi's Cure Update:

I want to say thank you for everyone being so kind to donate to Addi's Cure. I also wanted to0 list everyone that has given, but I know someo people are funny about it, so i will just put the first name and last inital. We are working on an Addi's Cure website so everyone will be listed there as well. Here is the list:

Bob A. and Rebecca
Martha S.
Ryan P.
Angela M
Walker H. and Candace
Erin G.
Pamela B.
Susan S.
Katelyn H.
Maria T.
Jenn N. and Bill
Larry G.
Hutch G.
Ashley J.
Debbie M.
Rachel F. and Justin
Scott W. and Katie
Lisa S.

The total so far is $2,625,00. On December 31st, I am going to match whatever has been given up to $25,000. I am going to mail out letters to all of the companies I do business with and see if i can not get a little donations from them as well. All accounting will be avaiable on the website as well, so everyone can see what we are doing. Don't forget, I have not deposited any check yet because I am waiting on one thing the bank needs. I will have it by the end of next week.

Thanks for everything from all of you!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I wanted to start out by saying thank you for the outpouring of notes and checks to Addi's Cure. Just from the blog only, we have rasied over $2500. I am so impressed with you guys.

I would also ask that you send me some ideas on what kind of fund raiser to have first. Remember, whatever we can raise by December 31st, I will match up to $25,000! Give me some good ideas...

I was supposed to have chemo on Wed but one of my blood counts was too low. Bummer! However, there was very good news. If you read before or remember, the last time I had scans I said that I was stable, no reduction. Well that is not entirely true. I talked with the PA at Duke and they did a little more research on my scans. Although there was no major reduction, there was some.... Very pumped.

Also there is some good news on Mike D. He has lung cancer as well, and he has had a 50% reduction! Way to go Mike D.

Tomorrow is FIG's Golf Outing. I need to play well. Wish me luck....

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tomorrow is chemo time! Last one of the planned chemo, so I am excited. I have really done well so far, and I am not expecting anything less.

I am really excited about many people sending in cards with a donation for Addi's Cure. I will list everyone this weekend on the blog to say thank you. I am so excited. Christi and I are trying to plan our first event before the end of the year. I think it will be a hoot. Seriously, thank you to all.

This week has been busy! Addi has been a trooper and is doing so well. Christi is doing well also. Last night, we had salmon from Alaska from Dave Whitehead in Philly. It was really good, so thanks Dave!

I will check in tomorrow night to tell you how chemo went.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The wedding of the century is over, and Caroline and Mike are headed to HI for the honeymoon. It will be difficult to call her Caroline Mullan, but I got used to Tracia Beasley so I am sure I will get along. There has been a lot to do with the wedding this weekend, so I will start with Friday golf. Curtis (Christi's brother) and I were paired up with Mike's dad Bruce. We played at Raintree. It was a great day, lots of fun. Basically, Curtis and I played bad. I always wonder why I play bad, since I play all of the time!!!! Any way, we had fun. Friday night was the rehearsal dinner, and it was at a place called A Room with a View. It was very nice and Addi was a star there as well as Caroline. I also got the first donation for Addi's Cure there, from Mr. Bob Axelrod. Thanks Bob, and thanks for the extra couple of zeros!

Saturday was the big day. I had to be down there at 3:30 or so. I was a groomsmen as well as walked Caroline down the isle. It was a nice wedding, and Caroline certainly looked beautiful. Addi was the flower girl, and she made it down the aisle pretty well with Christi's help. The reception was awesome, but I have to admit that it was hard. No matter how confident you are about cancer, you always wonder things. I was dancing with Addi and I wondered if I was going to be around on her wedding day. It made me sad. I also hate that Caroline is always going to have to look at her wedding pictures and see my bald head. Whether it turns out good or bad for me, Caroline will always have that memory.

Addi loves the music so when the band was playing she was dancing. It was really funny. Sunday we are going to have brunch with my dad, then take Curtis and Erin to the airport. Their daughter Ryan is so cute.

All in all a fun weekend. I will do another post soon!