Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tomorrow is chemo time! Last one of the planned chemo, so I am excited. I have really done well so far, and I am not expecting anything less.

I am really excited about many people sending in cards with a donation for Addi's Cure. I will list everyone this weekend on the blog to say thank you. I am so excited. Christi and I are trying to plan our first event before the end of the year. I think it will be a hoot. Seriously, thank you to all.

This week has been busy! Addi has been a trooper and is doing so well. Christi is doing well also. Last night, we had salmon from Alaska from Dave Whitehead in Philly. It was really good, so thanks Dave!

I will check in tomorrow night to tell you how chemo went.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck today bo, and thank you for keeping this blog going during this entire time! It has been great to check in and see your spirit and strength! And if you ever feel like you are having a bad day on the golf course, i invite you to witness my game once, and you will feel MUCH better about yours!

Rob Black