Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sorry Bo fans, it's me Christi.
We made it back from Chemo #6, that last one in this cycle. Bo took it like a champ. We met briefly with the doctor, Susan, and from here on out we let Bo's body heal up and do his thing. I feel like this is the most important time in Bo's fight. We are strenuously concentrating on his diet, exercise and positive attitude, I think he has the last one down pat. The diet is moving up a notch. We are going to eat more green leafy veggies than any known person will eat. Bo is going to step up the exercise also, if anyone in our area likes to ride in the morning let us know, I can't keep up that well, tried, but hurts the Morgan rear. (Don't worry Terry, I won't let him work out to throw his PH Balance off) There is a theory that lactic acid feeds cancer as well, so we will just work out at a steady pace.

On a personal note, thank you to everyone praying for us, helping with Addi and supporting Addi's Cure. I think it is so important to educate people that lung cancer isn't a smoker's cancer. I get extremely frustrated when we tell people Bo has lung cancer and they say, "Oh I didn't know he smoked?" I kindly inform them smoking or not, no one deserves cancer. I think lung cancer is under funded because people blame others for having it because they smoked, that just isn't true. We have heard so many stories at Duke and from others of non-smokers having lung cancer. I figure the more people getting educated, hopefully, the more research and funding will happen. I told Bo today that I am going to write Oprah, Katie course and every other reporter out there about this and try to get someone to tell the whole story and Bo can then explain how he is fighting this and winning. Oh well, enough of that.
Sorry so long, but I talk a lot. Addi turns 1 Friday, the 13th! I wish we would have planned that better. So we are busy planning our little party. I am so excited that my Mom is flying out, I wish my whole family could be here, but I certainly understand.
Take care everyone and be safe
Love, Christi


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Addi on Friday!


Anonymous said...

Having a birthday on the 13th is not that bad. Tell Addi we love her on Friday and everyday!

Aunt Mary Ann and Uncle Tim

Anonymous said...

I have been reading the blog daily and wanted to let you know that I think and pray for you both often. You both are inspiring.

Angie Cretors

Anonymous said...


You are SO right about the lung cancer / smoking stigma. I lost my daddy to lung cancer in 2000. Although he did smoke from the age of about 13 until he was 49, the doctors were adamant that the kind of cancer he had was NOT CAUSED BY SMOKING! We even argued with them that he had smoked for so long that he had to have done damage beyond repair. Again, they stressed that they were certain that his kind of cancer was not caused by smoking. Many days I would question that, but held on to the hope that my father really didn't do something that shortened his time here with us.

I know EXACTLY what you mean about the smoking comments from people when they find out about the cancer. Why would anyone think that someone 'gets what they deserve' when it comes to this issue? It makes me kind of crazy. I have a strong aversion to smoking and personally feel it's a nasty habit, but I also undertand it is a habit and an addiction that is very difficult to overcome. I'm certain that I would be a chainsmoker if I'd ever picked up a cigarette because it is an easy habit to develope. I think it's so unfair to cast negative energy toward those who are fighting this battle.

Your idea of contacting Oprah, Katie and others is FANTASTIC. You and BO make such great advocates of cancer research that you could really make a difference.

We're so glad that things are going so well for Bo and your entire family. We think of you everyday and hold you close in our thoughts and prayers.

Tammy Pike

PS(nothing at all wrong with a 13th, even Friday the 13th, birthday. Larry and I were married on a Friday the 13th, I think I got pregnant with our oldest on a Friday the 13th, and she was due on a Friday the 13th, which was the same day as my best friend's birthday and the year she was born was a Friday the 13th also! I consider the 13th a very lucky day and I think it's turning out that way for you as well...you were given the sweetest little angel on the 13th. ;) )

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you remember me, but I went to school with you at Appalachian and am friends with Brian. When he told me about your cancer, my heart just dropped. I am definitely praying for you, Christi, and Addi.

Your blog has been very inspiring. Your family seems to be doing quite well and your honesty is refreshing!

You asked about ideas for a fundraiser and I do not know if you have heard this one or not, but...how about a bike ride for lung cancer. There are runs all the time, but since bike riding has been such a big part of your daily/weekly routine, I think that would be great. Maybe even a super sprint triathlon (about half the mileage of a sprint tri).

Thank you Bo, for all the work you are doing for your family, but for others as well...Addi's Cure will be a success!!

Rachel Mestad

Anonymous said...

Hi Christi, please give Addi a big kiss and tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Chip and me. Both of my precious daughters were born on the 13th (November and December)....special girls (and boys) are born on the 13th.

We really appreciate ya'll keeping up with the blog. I know it takes time but it keeps us connected and reminds us to pray for ya'll. At the hospital where I work, we have a shared office for the nursing IT liaison team and I have a picture of Bo, Lee Bradley, and Danny taped to my monitor (I think it was taken at Scott's rehearsal dinner). It reminds my team to pray for you and your family every day. When other members of the IT department come into our office, they ask if one of the three in the picture is a son of mine. So I tell them Bo's story and they are also praying for him.

Hang in there. Love, Kathy Lee

Anonymous said...

I don't think most people feel that smokers deserve to have cancer, I think most people ask because cancer is such a scary thing and if we can find a cause for it we feel safer. If we knew exactly what causes cancer we could avoid it, the fact that someone who is healthy and has healty habits can get cancer and we can't pinpoint what causes it makes us feel more vulnerable. Try not to get upset when someone asks, instead use that to help educate people. Respond with something like "You know that is what most people assume and that is why we are working to hard for Addi's Cure. If you have a few minutes I would like to share our experience with you". Stay strong and good luck!!