Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Addi's Cure update:

Without doing anything but chat on this blog, you have raised $8,190 for this cause. It has been awesome. I have sent out some emails to various companies, so I am expecting them to step up. Doing a charity is harder than I thought, but I am having fun doing it. Many of you have given great ideas for fundraising, and super recipes for our cookbook. Thank you! I am excited and looking forward to Addi's Cure on a website soon. Here are the latest people that have given to the cause:

Brent and Megan Henning
Papa (Bo's Grandpa)
Dad (Bo's Dad)
Bruce and Janet Mullan (Bo's sister Caroline in-laws)
Producer's Web (this is an awesome company that FIG does business with. This was unsolicited which makes it even better!)

I did go to Duke yesterday and did all new scans. Everything came back stable, which is awesome. I think everything I am doing is helping.

Tonight Addi went trick or treating and had a blast. She is doing really well. Christi and I are very proud of her....

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