Thursday, August 31, 2006

Food Report:

Breakfast - eggs, shake
Lunch - turkey burger, grapes, chicken
Dinner - soup and chicken sandwich

I was bummed tonight because our softball game got cancelled. I pitch and Christi plays second/catcher. We have already had one practice game, but this was the "real" first game. We went to Gymboree instead with Addi so she could play. She did great of course. We saw Amy and Shawn there and went to dinner with them. College football was on tonight so I am pretty happy.

All of the Kansas folks are coming in this weekend for Christi's birthday.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I am back from the beach!

Food Report

Morning - 4 eggs, shake
Lunch - rice and veggies, water
Dinner - chicken, rice, beans, corn, water

I am back from the beach. Christi, Addi, and I went to Myrtle Beach this weekend with Phil and Lena and my two godchildren Peyton and Patterson. We had a blast. Phil and Lena rented a place right on the water and of course we crashed. We went down on Saturday and came back on Tuesday evening. Phil and Lena will be there all week. I had a lot of fun really hanging out with the Graham family. Phil and I played golf two of the days, and then went back to see the girls on the beach. Addi was really funny on the beach. We video taped her, and I hope I will see the same look that she had on her face when she was at the beach everyday. It was priceless!

I rode twice down at the beach. It was nice to have a flat place to ride. It was harder with the wind when I was coming back, but all in all, it was a good ride. If you are going to buy something at the beach, hurry, they are going fast!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Message from Bo's big sister, Tracia

Bo has been at the beach this past weekend and is due back home later tonight. I think he recognized that some of us were having "blog withdrawal" symptoms, so he decided to recruit me to add a comment.

The readers of the blog are very aware of the ups and downs that Bo's diagnosis of lung cancer has created for Bo, his family and his friends. I guess one of the most striking outcomes for me has been the "call to action" that so many of you have taken on. Many have offered interesting articles and information- some ideas have been quite bizarre. Others have offered words of encouragement and hope. Still others have been quietly supportive with prayers and postive thoughts. For Bo and our family, all of your support, in whatever way it has been offered, has been greatly appreciated.

For the family, our days are as normal as possible. We try to not to dwell on Bo's cancer, but rather enjoy spending time with each other whenever possible. Of course, on treatment days, anxieties run high, and time creaks by so slowly on the days when new scans are on the agenda at Duke. We celebrate good news, and resolve to push forward no matter what future challenges we may have to overcome.

As his big sister, it wouldn't be right if I left without telling you some truths about Bo. Yes, Bo is doing is fine. No, he hasn't slowed down AT ALL! Yes, he still is deflecting teasing comments onto the closest unsuspecting individual. No, the light reflecting off of his shiny head doesn't require the use of sunglasses. Yes, he still sports that cheesy grin. No, his personality hasn't changed a bit. And yes, his big sister loves him (but don't tell him that!)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Food Report

Morning - shake, eggs, waffles, turkey bacon
Lunch - grouper and veggies
Dinner - jambalaya

I went into work at 8:30 am and it was a really good day. We had a busy day with lots of people in the office. Arin M. came in today to have lunch with me from Miami. We had a really good time. After work I came home and we went to the FIG softball game. I pitched, and we did ok. Since it was a scrimmage, I only batted once. I got a single and then went to second on the throw in. Was stranded! Our team needs a little practice, but we had a lot of fun.

Arin and Blake came by tonight. We chatted and had fun talking about the old days. They are going to try to make it in for a bike ride in the morning....

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Food Report

Morning - cereal and shake
Lunch - 2 turkey wraps at Duke
Dinner - fresca sandwich from Wendy's, blue berry shake at DQ (ritual)

Today I went to Duke for a check up and chemo. Everything checks out ok and looks good. Brian W. and Nick S. came by to see me. We chatted about old frat days, etc. I did want to make one clarification on Brian: It is just my opinion he is off the market, there is no hard evidence to support my theory, just a lot of circumstantial evidence. (kind of like OJ!) If the ring won't fit, you must acquit! On that note, Nick is single as they come, so if anyone knows any hip ladies in the Raleigh area, let me know....

I am taking a pill that has enzymes in it to help you break down your food. Put it this way - I have laid enough bricks to build a house. I know that is gross, but getting unneeded things out of your body is really good for you. This is something that everyone should think about. I am still loopy from the drugs, that is why I had the audacity to put this part....

I feel good about everything and really am up beat. Tomorrow is coming, I believe that every day!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's me, Christi again. Bo just asked me to write a little, in honor of yesterday. The day before chemo always seems to be a little more frantic than a usual day, which for me is always scattered. (Anyone with a very, very mobile 10 month old would probably understand or anyone knowing Bo) I am so lucky to have friends and family willing to help out with Addi and the Buddies. I can't express how grateful I am to everyone helping and even just offering to help. (Thanks to Lena, Tracia, Anna, and Candace this time - no Addi doesn't need 4 people, we work in shifts here people)

Things are pretty good in the Johnson house. Bo is still eating us out of house and home, (any farmers out there, we will take donations of organic fruits and veggies, just kidding) He is amazing with his determination, but I do have to say when you have a little girl that thinks the sun rises and sets on you, it doesn't hurt in the motivation. (His wife thinks this also, but with his head bald it just seems to be getting bigger and bigger, so the compliments are limited)

We are both looking into getting into some races, I am not one to be out done. He is looking into his bike racing and triathlon, I might start with a 5k and the a half marathon, thanks to Rachel. Back to Addi, she will beat us both in either race, seriously the kid is fast and can climb like a champ. She is really into climbing by putting one foot over and then the other. There is a little more talking happening also. Last night, sorry Bo, her and her Daddy had a dance marathon. I think she might have the Morgan rear, (Lee Bradley) she certainly likes to shake it.

Well that is enough rambling here. I love my family and love everyone out there praying for us. We will do everything possible to beat this thing. Please keep the prayers, information, well wishes, visits and thoughts coming. Everyone's kindness gives me hope for the world my little girl will grow up in. With the things we hear about these days, people need to know how great everyone is. We hope to see many of you soon, either at our house or we will come to yours.


PS I have no clue what Bo ate today...

Monday, August 21, 2006

Food Report

Morning - eggs and water
Lunch - chicken and veggies
Dinner - chicken and veggies

Tonight I want to dedicate the blog to Candace Ham. She has really been good to the Johnson Family. She has watch Addi every time we have had to go to chemo, spent a lot of time with Christi, and even cooked meals for us. She did another meal tonight. Candace is a really sweet woman that everyone should know.

I had a good day at work. It was good to get back. Lee Bradley ended up 10th out of 100 so he did a good job today.

I started a new class in my masters program tonight. It looks like it is going to be very interesting....

I also attached a photo of me and Addi....

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Food Report

Morning - cereal, ban, apple, pear
Brunch - I can not say, Christi will kill me
Dinner - fish, rice, veggies

Today I was at Pinehurst and went into the second round of this tournament. I did not fare well today, but Lee Bradley did very well. He finished up 3 strokes off the pace and is in contention for the win. Since I am not in contention, I decided to go back to Charlotte and not finish with the third round. I was really wanting to see Addi and really was tired. I played 3 rounds in three days, hit a lot of extra balls the first day, rode bike and walked a lot the second day, and I am ready to go home. Lee understood so off I went. Got home at 6:30 pm and had dinner at my Mom's house. I was so happy to see Addi. She changed just in the few days I was gone....

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Food Report

Morning - banana, pear, OJ, apple
Lunch - nothing!
Dinner - bison burger, salad, soup

Today was the first round of the tourn and I am 10 strokes out, and Lee is 9. We played Pinehurst No. 5. It was ok, but I did not love this course. Lee and I went into Southern Pines for dinner. Pinehurst is having a scare with the water system and it makes it very hard to eat here. You can take a shower, but you can not even brush your teeth with tap water. E-coli is what they think is in the water.

Golfing tomorrow at No. 8.

I have to dedicate this blog to Eric Thomes. He has always been a good friend and is the reason I am at Pinehurst. He is a good guy with a great family.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Food Report

Morning - berries and fruit, oj, eggs
Lunch - Chinese salad
Dinner - rice, lima beans, strawberries, salad, pork chop

Today I played Pinehurst No. 8 for a practice round. I had a good time since Lee was there. I have played this course once before, but it was in 2000 and I did not really remember it. I started with a drive into what they call "Love Grass" and there was no love! Triple...

The two guys we played with were really nice. I shot a 97 and did not score well, but I did hit the ball better. I am excited this was a practice round. Had a dinner tonight and I am tired. Lee and I hit a lot of balls today.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Food Report

Morning - Food report
Lunch - left overs from Christi's great meal
Dinner - chicken and rice

Today I left to go to Pinehurst for the golf deal I talked about earlier. I will tell you, cancer is affecting my sense of direction I think. I had a difficult time getting down here. Pinehurst is really a great place. It is a great weekend deal for anyone. It is better if you play golf of course, however, the person who does not play golf will like it to. Lee Bradley is here with me and he made it in, so we are getting ready to show our stuff for tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Food Report

Morning - eggs, turkey bacon, and shake
Lunch - left over kabobs
Dinner - Salmon with tomatoes and garlic, blackbeans and rice

Today was fun at work. Really spent a lot of time with Addi tonight. Christi, Addi, and I are going to HI in Nov so I had to get a babysitter to come. Our summer intern Kristen is going with us. Everything health wise is really going well. I feel great and I am hopeful that it continues....

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Food Report

Morning - turkey bacon (found some without nitrates!) and cereal
Lunch - chicken and squash
Dinner - kabob, rice, and a good dessert (compliments of the Vance family)

I was so happy to see Addi this morning. She was pumped to see me as well. I had a really crazy day today. Lots of work!

I got my new bike today. I bought a road bike and it is really light. Jay is putting it together. He helped me order it from one of his buddies and we got it shipped here. I will be excited to ride it tomorrow.

Tonight's blog is dedicated to the Vance family. Chris and I work together, and his wife Tracy I am sure cooked the meal. It was very good, and I ate basically all of the rice and 5 kabobs. Thinking about eating a couple of more as I type. They have two great kids, Hannah and CJ. Christi said they played very nice with Addi today, as she loves "big" kids. CJ and Hannah have made me big cards before and such. Kids are really great.

All for now!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Food Report

Morning - scrambled eggs, fruit (hotel)
Lunch - Salmon and asparagus (thanks Carl!)
Dinner - salad and soup

Spent the morning with the big producer. They have an awesome system and are truly nice people. We had a good conversation and I think we will do some good business with them. His wife was really cool and Laura and Curtis were really nice as well. They also gave me an article about a man who had another kind of cancer. Basically, it was not good news. However, he had remembered that his daughter's dog had the same cancer and they had given him the Chinese herb to take. He took it as well and he is cancer free. I am not saying you should do this, all I am saying is that it can't hurt!

Afternoon was spent at LSW. I got to see Amber, Alma, rondo, and Sandy. Amber is a really great gal. Alma reads my blog all the time, and well Sandy and I have been around the block together many times in business. rondo is sweet when I call as well. All nice people. I have known this company for 10 years now, so it was seeing old friends. I met with Carl and Jay for awhile. I hope we can do more business with them, we will see. I also meet Bobbie. She was waiting for me there and was really nice. I buy some supplements from her.

Went to the airport and hung out until the flight. Was bummed I was not getting in until after Addi was in bed. I will get to see her tomorrow.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Food Report

Morning - eggs and shake
Lunch - Salad and chicken
Dinner - salmon and asparagus

Today I left for Dallas, TX with Jim to see a big hitter. We played golf at Glen Eagles Country Club in Plano, Texas. We had a really good time. We played the Kings course and yes, it was very hard. It was also very hot. 103 was the temp when we started. Warm to say the least. I played awful, which is why I have a lesson coming up on Wed of next week. We had dinner and it was really enjoyable....

Went to bed missing Addi and Christi.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Food Report

Morning - cereal and rice milk
Lunch - turkey, green beans
Dinner - going out to eat tonight, we will see....

Today is a special dedication of the blog. Many of you know that before all of this crazy cancer stuff, I was really busy but still decided to get a masters degree. I started last April getting my Master of Science in Management with an emphasis in leadership in PA. Basically an MSM(l). One of the people in my program is Jim from California. During our first residency, we meet everyone and basically were really busy, so we spend breakfast through 9:00 pm with our cohorts. Jim and I talked several times, and one of the most interesting things I thought was his distance running. Honestly, it was unbelievable. He would talk about doing 60 miles or 100 miles. I was very impressed and as most of you know, I asked several questions. Jim was very nice like everyone in the program is. It is really a top notch program with great people.

When I found out I had the big C, I panicked a little. I decided to step away from the program. When I did, all of the people in the program sent me a nice deal of food, like a basket. Very sweet. Like I said, great people all. A little later, Jim sent me a book and told me that he was going to carry a picture of Addi in one of his "little" endurance runs and dedicate it to me and Addi. What a nice thing to do right? OK, here is the CRAZY part. This "little" run is called the Western States Endurance Run. It is 100 miles! It is not a track run; it is over a lot of different terrain and trails. In some of the pictures in the magazine (it is the 33rd one) there is snow. This thing is in June people. That is some major hills! To see this trail, go to and look for yourself.

Over time, with all that is happening, I guess this kind of left my mind. Jim sent me a package a few weeks ago, and it brought tears to my eyes. In the package was a magazine that described the race, a t-shirt for Addi, a bandanna for Addi, hat for me, and pictures with a note. He also included the picture of Addi that he carried for all 100 miles. (By the way, he did it in 18:09, again, amazing!) I almost broke down. (Maybe I did :))

My point is that Jim, someone I have met and known, but not as well as I wish, did an amazing thing for me and my family. For everyone out there that thinks this world is all bad, all you have to do is look at Jim and his wife Joni. They did a very nice thing for my family. Not out of obligation, but just out of being good people.

I dedicate this entry to Jim and Joni. May good things happen to them all of their lives. They sure do deserve it.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Food Report

Morning - 4 poached eggs, toast with jelly
Lunch - grilled chicken salad, fruit
Dinner - Kasey's leftovers, plus Tracia's leftovers

This blog is dedicated to Jay R. He has been my riding companion and I am pretty upset he is moving to Scottsdale. However, he is going to start FIG of the West, so I am happy about that. He is not my twin, since he is a bald guy too. See the bald comment at the bottom, Jay is the same.

I need your help. My cousin Merritt asked me a simple question: "Do you eat eggs everyday?" The answer is basically yes. If you are out there and know of something else you think I can eat to help change things up, post it on the blog. I am getting bored of eggs.

I got up and rode this morning. Work was great. Tina Bradley sent Christi and I some really cool stuff. Christi, Addi and I met Jenny for lunch today. She gave Addi a present, a stuffed frog. Addi really liked it. She gave me a book from Joel Osteen. Her daddy, a really cool guy, gave me a Cleveland Wedge. Joyce reads my blog all the time. The Simpson family has always been so nice to me.

After lunch I realized that I have to go to Dallas on Sunday to meet with a huge producer. I am sad to even be gone from Addi and Christi one day. I will miss them.

Bill and Jo came over for dinner tonight. Addi and I played a lot tonight as Christi went out for a minute to the store. I gave Addi her bath. She is SO AWESOME!

Last but not least, I do not want to lose any readers. What do you want to hear from me? I am not really sure what to say to you. Basically I feel fine and I have cancer. Other than that, my life is pretty normal. Yes, I am worried about kicking the bucket. No, I have not given up. Yes, I am a handsome bald guy. My buddy Brian is a catch, but I do think he is getting ready to be off the market for good.

Is there anything else?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Food Report

Morning - 4 poached eggs, toast with jelly
Lunch - salmon , fruit, water
Dinner - salmon, asparagus, rice, sweet pot wedges, honey, and water from Kasey

Thursday was a normal day. I rode a little that evening, not in the morning. Greg was in to see us at work, and it was fun talking to him. Really, not much happened.

Played with Addi. I think this is what bothers me most about cancer. Addi deserves a father. I am a good father to Addi and I want her to grow up and have a great home and all of the advantages. I have worked very hard to have these for my family, and boom, cancer comes along. It is very important that everyone keeps me in their thoughts and prayers, not for my sake, but for Addi's sake.

I dedicate the blog to Wes and Kasey. The dinner was great and I know it took her awhile to make it. Thanks Kasey....

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Food Report

Morning - four poached eggs, oats, shake
Lunch - grilled chicken salad, water
Dinner - Turkey. potatoes, beans, carrots, water

Today I started with a short bike ride. I went into work and it was a tough day. I had a very bad call to make this afternoon. I did go to my alternative doctor today and she helped me a lot. Afternoon was busy. I had to also find a little time to finish up my paper for my masters class. Tonight, I played with Addi. She is crazy. We went for a walk outside and she was really fun. Christi shampooed all of our carpet on the top floor, middle floor, and the basement. She is really incredible. She is really starting to get the house coming together. With 3 dogs and a kid, that is hard.

Blog Dedication Time - Tracia has watched Addi for us numerous times as well as done anything we asked. Tonight she fixed dinner for us on her day off. It was really good. She will have to comment to tell you how she did it, but the potatoes were fab and the turkey was really good. She has really been supportive and helpful. She is my big sister.

See you soon!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Food Report

Morning - 4 poached eggs, Irish oats, shake
Lunch - chicken, potatoes, beans, water
Dinner - Rice pasta with tomatoes, artichoke, and alvacodo, water

Work was fun. I am excited about many upcoming events. The crew from Kansas is making their way out over the Labor Day weekend. It is really nice because that also is near Christi's birthday. Family is important. Have someone tell you that you are dying and you will know what I mean. It has really made me think about a lot of stuff. Material things really do not matter, security for you family does. So here is a lesson for tonight: Do what you need to do to protect your family in case something happens to you. Get a power of attorney, trust, life insurance, etc. It really is important. I am very about two things - 1. I have most everything in order. 2. I would have had time (remember, I am going to beat this thing...)

I am not trying to preach but I think everyone needs to hear this.

Since I did not ride this morning, and tonight I have worked on my "opportunity for learning" for my masters, I have to go bike in the dark. I sure wish I would have ridden this morning!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Food Report:

Morning - four poached eggs, shake
Lunch - Dijon mustard chicken and rice, oj
Dinner - snapper with salsa, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, oj

Lunch and Dinner were Christi's recipes, and they were both good...

Today started with a 12 mile bike ride with Jay. We did it in a little over an hour. My legs were hurting to say the least. Then Monday started like every other Monday, the Monday Morning meeting. After that it was really good to be at work. Came home tonight and played with Addi some. She is amazing. I am a little worried about Christi, she is tired. Her parents are coming out soon so I hope that will pep her up some. She is doing a really good job supporting me.

I found out some really good news! My buddy Eric asked me to go to the People vs. The Pros ( and compete. Again, I know it is not because I am a good golfer. Anyway, it is really a nice event. Allianz is a title sponsor with the PGA Tour (maybe Senior) and they had two spots open. I am taking Lee B. with me so it will be fun. It is at Pinehurst and I am against Lee and 198 other golfers I think. If I were to win (ha) I would play Ratief Goosen on Aug 22 on ESPN. If I did I would paint Allianz on my chest.... (scary)

I want to dedicate this blog to my family. Christi and Addi have been just great during this deal. Mom and Bill have been super supportive both personally and business wise. Tracia/Joel and Caroline/Mike have been great and have done everything they can for us. Daniel/Andrea have tried to help from Thomasville and golf wise. :) Dad and Papa have come down and tried to do all they can. Terry Lee and the family in Kansas have done all they can from afar. Christi's mom Terri is trying to get out here soon. Erin/Curtis/Cindy/Crystal/Clint have been a rock for Christi who I am most worried about. I know I have forgotten so many people in my family and Christi's family that have wished us well. For that I am sorry. But please know we love all of you guys and THANKS FOR THE HELP!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Food Report

Morning - Cereal and fruit, rice milk
Lunch - left over ka-bobs from Lena, rice and beans, water
Dinner - chicken, potatoes, green beans, cooked apples, water

Woke up and played with Addi. We did not go to church this week. Bad. We then went over to Scott W's house for a party for David and Natalie. It was very nice. After that I went over to Mom's house for dinner. Debbie A and Coe A were there from Hendersonville. It was nice to catch up with them. The last time I saw Coe was when I was 10....

I did ride today as well. I had a good ride. I have been riding a moutain bile but have decided to get a rode bike as well. Scott W. had just about talked me into doing a triathalon at the end of August. However, I can not find one that has not filled up that I think I can do. So, I am going to see if maybe I can do an unofficial one. It would be nice to raise money for lung cancer as well. We will have to see. I am not worried about the biking of course, but the running sort of, the swimming for sure. It would be a mini one of sorts: 15 miles on the bike, 3 mile run, and 750 meters in the water. We will have to see....

I want to dedicate this blog to Lena. Not only did she fix me dinner, but I know she has been one of the people that keep Christi sane. (shout out to Candace soon!) She is a really good friend of mine that is married to a really good friend of mine. Phil and Lena are also godfather and mother to Addi. She has really been supportive of this crazy time. Lena lost her mother to cancer, so she really knows how to help Christi I think. I am going to do my best to make sure there is not another lost to cancer in her life.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Food Report

Morning - Cereal
Lunch - 3 turkey patties, baked beans, tomatoes
Dinner - chicken, green beans, rice

Special Note: remember, everything I eat pretty much is good for me. I try really hard at this. Example is the cereal I am eating. It is gluten free and made of all organic stuff. With rice milk, I would say it is good for me. Most of the time I eat with fruit. I had to find something besides eggs to eat every day.

Today started with golf with Jim, Kevin, Dave S. and me. We played at River Run because there was a tournament at the Peninsula. We played a match with teams and tied. I had four quads again, so needless to say I need to practice even more.

After that, I had to go to the FIG picnic. There were supposed to be 80 people there and I am not so sure how many ended up coming. It was really fun, and I took Addi around, went in a canoe, etc.

Tonight I hung out with Addi, Christi, and our dogs. It was Bonnie and Charlie's birthday today, two years old. Remember, I love those dog, just did not want to get them. I honestly can not think of what it would be like not to have them. It was a really good day. The only side effect I am having from the latest chemo is I am a little tired more so than the others, and when I have chemo it makes my face worse. All in all, I am dealing well with it.

As you are praying for me, please ask God to take the cancer from me. I honestly think that Addi is praying for that. I do not want to leave my little girl. Period. She is so good.

Thanks for listening!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sorry for the confusion earlier, I got some dates mixed up.

The food report:

morning - had fruit and eggs
lunch - Leftovers in the Fridge
dinner - tuna, potato with onions and tomatos, rice - Lena made me a great meal of chicken kabobs, but Christi and I soon realized that our grill is still over at Bill and Jo's house from the 4th of July. We will have to enjoy those tomorrow night! Thanks Lena.

Today was a little tough. Chemo got to me a little. I made it through the day, however, I was really tired. Jay and I rode that night at Lake Norman State Park on a 7 mile trail. That was very hard. I was so tired at the end, going up and down the trail. I really was working hard. I really felt it in my joints. Hopefully this will get the chemo out!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Food Report:

Breakfast - cerral, shake, fresh fruit
Lunch - chicken stuff that was left over from Robin B. (it is spicy!), water
Dinner - chicken, brocolli, salad, rice milk

I rode my bike this morning. I was a little tired and my joints hurts some, but all in all it was a good ride. Work was very fun, although hetic. I got home from work late and then just tried to rest and hang out with Addi. She is basically walking now, just has trouble over 20 steps. She walks like an orangatang, it is really funny.

Sorry for the delay.

I feel very blessed that the chemo is going well, and I am not sick. Mike D. called me yesterday and he started his deal, so please remember him. Don't forget about my buddy Suzi as well.

See you soon....

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Food report:

Morning - cereal with fruit
Lunch - cereal with fruit (no time)
Dinner - salmon, veggies, baked potato, noodles, and chicken stuff (from Robin B.)

The meeting we had today went great. I think we had 94 at the meeting, and everyone enjoyed themselves. Several people joked about me being bald, it was pretty funny. I think it shocked some people to find out. I guess I always think everyone knows.

Sorry about the spelling yesterday. When I have chemo, I type and spell worse than I do normally, which is bad enough.

Tonight we went to dinner for my sister's birthday. She is 26 years old. I still remember when she was born. Caroline means a lot to me. She always has.

I dedicate this day to Caroline and Robin B. Robin because she brought me dinner, and Caroline just because she is important to me.