Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hello to All -
I have a feeling this year will be a year of many firsts where I find myself looking back and realizing what we went through 4 years ago. Memorial Day weekend has also been the anniversary for everything. Bo had a biopsy done the Friday before the weekend (I should apologize to everyone that came to our party and was wondering what in the world was the matter with us.) Then we found out he had cancer on a Tuesday, on June 1st. It was then confirmed by Duke on June 6th, mind you it was 6-6-06 (Another day the world was suppose to end. For us it was the worst day of our lives so we decided it could only get better from there). Well today is also the day he received his second call (the It's a Go!) for his lung transplant. I have tried to forget about the first transplant because, well we all know how well that went. So then again on June 1st he was transplanted a second time and my Bo came back to me. I will always carry with me that he loved Addi and I so much he truly came back alive to be with us. Granted our time together afterwards was shorter than we wanted, I am grateful for it. We spent 5 months in the hospital together everyday grateful. Like a dummy I put today on my calendar, like I would ever forget...Crazy what life can throw at you in 4 years.
Thank you for everything to all our family and friends I hope your day is wonderful.
Love to All
Christi and Addi

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello to All - Sorry for the delay in the post, lately Addi and I have been loving the outdoors as much as possible. I feel sorry for our street we live on. Addi is determined to ride her bike, but she insists I go with her. Well as she gets better and better the faster she goes, Mommy can no longer walk, now I am running chasing her. She is yelling run faster Mommy and I am yelling stop now have the visual.
Addi and I made it through and had a great Mother Daughter Mother's Day. A friend Leslie gave us the idea of planting together on Mother's Day. So we attempted to plant a garden, I use the word garden loosely. I let Addi pick the plants out, jalapenos, cilantro, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a few others. She was so excited Sunday morning that it was Mother's Day to give me my presents she made with the help of Jessica, a camp, and a card picked out. You would have thought it was Christmas, how could one be sad. There was a moment when she realized there is probably a Daddy's day, but I assured her we would do something special for Daddy.
Speaking of Daddy, a quick store to take how you want, but the other day Addi woke up (after sleeping in an extra hour) This typically make for an extra energy day, but Addi calmly walked into the room curled up on my lap and quietly said, "Daddy woke me up. He said Sweetie, its time to wake up." She seemed at peace, so either dreaming and reality, it gave her peace and I am grateful for those moments.
I also have big news, the book written by a friend Kim Reynold's, The Evening Oak, is available for pre-order now. Use this link and get yours today, the more ordered the sooner the better...Congrats to Kim
This is a great read for adults and young adults, so for any of you teachers out there let your students know!
Love to All
Christi and Addi

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Hello to All -
Nature verses Nurture...clearly it is a little of both. For those of you that know the story of Grandson's Day, well Addi just pulled a "Kids Day" on me. Long story short, Bo (as a kid) convinced his grandmother Rosemary that it was Grandson's day and she took him to the mall and bought him a present and everything. Well, yesterday I was trying to explain to Addi Mother's Day and she has it all planned out for me. (Don't anyone worry, she has it under control) Something about Taco Bell (which we never eat at) and doing something at the house. Anyway, then our conversation continues as such,
"Mom, what day is today."
"Monday, honey, why? (This is normally when we talk about when she can sleep in my bed)
"Mom, I think Monday's should be kids day. I will go to my room you go get me something special and then I will come down and be surprised.'
"Addi, I think everyday is kids day."
"No, we need something special for me." Long pause for me...
"Well, what will tomorrow be?" I tried to divert...
"Tuesday, The Buddies Day."
Needless to say, I did not fall for that one. But she did have Jessica convince we loved Taco Bell...poor Jessica
Love to All
Christi and Addi

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Hello to All -
Well Mother's Day came a weekend early for me. Addi and I had the best Mom and Daughter day today, we are both exhausted (Addi even at one time asked me to go home to take a nap, now that is unheard of for her!)
We were lazy this morning crawled in bed and watched cartoons, nothing like a little Max and Ruby to get the morning going. Then it was off to Davidson Day. The town of Davidson, on a smaller scale, reminds me so much of Lawrence. Small community supporting their college. We spent all morning and early afternoon riding rides, finding friends, crashing lunches (Thanks Shawn and Kristen) and getting our face painted. It is amazing that sometimes when you feel so far from home, you realize you really do have roots where you are. So many people love and care for Addi, it makes my heart swell. She loves everyone of her friends and very much like her Daddy runs up to everyone with open arms, never a stranger (Sorry Henry!)
Then off to get some necessary shopping (and a few things not on the list - PS this is where Addi got tired)
Now we are working on some projects, watching Tinkerbell and just snuggling. Gotta love a weekend with no real commitments!
Love to All
PS - Happy 30th to my little and ugh younger sister. Yes that makes me older than 30...I might be in denial...age in all relative, right?