Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Hello to All -
Nature verses Nurture...clearly it is a little of both. For those of you that know the story of Grandson's Day, well Addi just pulled a "Kids Day" on me. Long story short, Bo (as a kid) convinced his grandmother Rosemary that it was Grandson's day and she took him to the mall and bought him a present and everything. Well, yesterday I was trying to explain to Addi Mother's Day and she has it all planned out for me. (Don't anyone worry, she has it under control) Something about Taco Bell (which we never eat at) and doing something at the house. Anyway, then our conversation continues as such,
"Mom, what day is today."
"Monday, honey, why? (This is normally when we talk about when she can sleep in my bed)
"Mom, I think Monday's should be kids day. I will go to my room you go get me something special and then I will come down and be surprised.'
"Addi, I think everyday is kids day."
"No, we need something special for me." Long pause for me...
"Well, what will tomorrow be?" I tried to divert...
"Tuesday, The Buddies Day."
Needless to say, I did not fall for that one. But she did have Jessica convince we loved Taco Bell...poor Jessica
Love to All
Christi and Addi


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your Taco Bell!

Jenn in CA

Anonymous said...

A belated Happy Mother's Day to you!

Always thinking about you and yours-