Thursday, September 28, 2006

I am back from Vegas. I arrived at 3:00 or so today. I was super busy, and I do think things went well. I had a good time, and hung out with Jeanne and Deenen, Steve, Shelly, Cindy, and Gayle, plus others. I saw a bunch of industry people there, so I know I am forgeting a lot of people.

Saw Danny Gans with Steve. Had an awesome dinner and the show was really good. Lost $200.00 in 17 minutes.... The main thing is I missed my girls, Addi and Christi.

Had a softball game tonight. 3 for 3 and we won. FIG is getting better....

Caroline, my LITTLE sister is getting married this weekend, so that will be fun. Curtis (CHristi's brother) and Erin are here as well with Ryan (daughter) and it is fun hanging out with them.

Check in with more later....

Monday, September 25, 2006

Question from the blog:

As far as Addi's Cure: Someone wanted to know what we were going to do with the 50% that we put into the bank account. I am sorry if I did not explain that correctly. Basically, whenever we have any kind of fundraiser, we will divide each dollar like this - 50 cents will go directly to research asap, and 50 cents will go into an interest bearing account. The interest earned each year will go to research as well. The principal amount will continue to grow. That mean each year the interest will get bigger and bigger. My goal is to have $100,000 in the account by the end of 2007. The big question is what happens if they find a cure for lung cancer? Then Addi's Cure will concentrate on any sickness that effects young children.

I am in Las Vegas and made it safe. Played golf today with Kevin, Justin, and David. We had a good time. I do miss Christi and Addi a lot.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Today Addi, Christi, and I visited Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville, NC. It was really pretty cool. Rachel Faunce set it up and there were a lot of families there. We were on a horse drawn wagon, and it took us through several hundred acres of all kinds of exotic animals. Water buffalo, bison, elk, emu, rino, giraffe, you name it, they had it. Addi really fed one of the giraffes. I put food in her hand and she feed him. 11 months old and NO FEAR. In this picture, we are standing on the rails of the wagon, so Addi is about 15 feet off the ground. Justin Faunce and his son Byars is in the picture with us.

After that we came home to rest. Addi took a nap and I went to take a golf lesson. When I got back we headed out to dinner with Bill and Jo, Tracia and Joel, and Caroline and Mike. It was really good. After dinner, even though she was dressed up, we let Addi get into the fountain. Outside this mall they have a little fountain where the water shoots up off timers. She loved it. Tonight, I have to pack as I am leaving for Las Vegas in the morning.

In Las Vegas, I have a board meeting with NAFA and I also have to speak at a conference for SMA Magazine. Should be interesting, although when I planed this I was coming back on Tuesday so I did not bring Addi. Then SMA called and wanted me to extend and not leave until Thursday morning... You know my rule, more than a couple of days, Addi is with me.

I want to thank the Vance family for cooking us dinner on Friday night. It was really good. I had it on Sat as well for lunch!

Just to see if people are still reading this blog I have a favor to ask. Christi and I started a 501(c) non-profit called Addi's Cure. This organization will benefit lung cancer. Basically, out of the money we raise, 50% goes right away to research at Duke, specifically for lung cancer. The other 50% goes into a bank account. Each year, whatever the account earns goes to research. No fees, no admin cost, and no salaries. Any way, I am asking everyone who reads this post send $1.00 check to Addi's Cure. You can send more if you wish, but please send at least the $1.00. If you send $50.00 or more, we will send you back a tax deductible letter for your accountant. Send it to:

Addi Cure
c/o Bo Johnson at FIG
19520 West Catawba Ave.
Suite 200
Cornelius, NC 28031

I will do my best to update from Vegas. Be patient with me!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Today was a really crazy day. I had a lot of meetings, met Addi and Christi for lunch, had a lot of meetings, had a cocktail in Charlotte, then a softball game. What a day!

Business is good, life is good, and everything is awesome. I am feeling way better now. I did have a rough couple of days. I have one more chremo to go, then we will see. This weekend Addi, Christi and I are going to a place called Lazy 5 Ranch where Addi can see some animals up close. It will be fun....

Sunday - Vegas!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Food Report for the last couple of days...

turkey, rice, chicken, eggs, SAME OLE THING!

Hope everyone is doing well. This week has gone by pretty fast. I have felt a lot better today. I want everyone to know that to know I was going to live, I would take the worst day I have had so far and live that way every day, so it is not been to bad. I have had a lot of time in the office this week, so it has been good. Next week I am off to Vegas for the NAFA meeting where I am on the board, then the Senior Market Expo is there as well later in the week and I am speaking at that as well. Should be fun. Then flying back in time to go to my sister's wedding. Caroline is like a daughter to me, she was born when I was 8 years old. I took her everywhere with me when I was little. She is awesome and I am glad she is happy, although, there is still time for runaway bride....

I pray every night that I will be there for Addi's wedding. Come on medical science, get to work! I do believe God is on my side.

Also, thanks to everyone that has posted comments. I do not know how to reply back, but thank you. (Yes Stu, I am taking you to a Bobcats game! Call me)

See you soon!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Report from the weekend:

Friday was a normal day. I felt pretty darn good after chemo on Thursday. I went to work and that night took it easy. We actually had steak on Friday night. The doctors said my hemoglobin were getting a little low and to eat red meat and spinach.

Saturday morning I went to Jacob Lee's birthday party. It was at a place called Monkey Joe's. It was a lot of fun. Addi was really funny going down the slides, etc. by herself. I am serious, some of the slides she went down there were 3 year olds that would not go down them. We are going to be in trouble later. FEARLESS. I had to leave early and take Chris Vance, Shawn, and Charles to pay golf at 12:30 or so. We had fun, but I have to admit this cycle of chemo has been the worse. Joints are very sore and feeling wiped out. Played ok, took 18 off so that should tell you something. That night we played with Addi and just hung out again. Christi has been going right along with me almost everywhere so I think she is a little worn out as well.

Sunday I had to get up early and go to Hendersonville. Mike, Joel, and I are playing golf early with my buddies from Hendersonville, then we are going to Mike and Caroline's shower at 2:00. We had to leave at 7:00 am. Early. I had a little bit of a tough time getting out of bed. The 3rd day after chemo is typically my worst per Christi. We played a place called Cleghorn. Very nice and they are really working on it. Then went to Hendersonville for the shower which was good. Saw my dad and grandpa, plus a lot of Johnson's. Everyone is Hendersonville is laid back and cool. Saw my cousin Merritt who is getting to be such a sweet young lady. She is a senior and is actually responsible now! We drove home tonight and just hung out. I really was tired tonight and just needed to rest. I got in bed around 8:30 and just stayed there. See you soon!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Food Report

Morning - poached eggs and shake (strawberry and banana)
Lunch - turkey wrap at Duke
Dinner - Wendy's fresca sandwich

Today I had to leave for Duke at 4:30 am. This was tough because it was early, but also because I was in MN and did not get back until around 9:30 pm the night before. I got to be about 11:00. I will explain MN in a minute.

Had a CT scan done today. Waited for the doc to look at it, then got the good news of no growth. Of course the best news would have been another reduction, but no growth is good news as well. I saw Dr. Garst today since Dr. Crawford was out, and she was very nice. She did say she had a couple of patients that have been stable on Tarceva for years. Bill and Jo were there, and this made them feel very good as well. I feel great about it, however I was a little disappointed based on the fact that I had basically busted down every wall I have faced, and this time it was just good news. Just being honest.

I went to MN to see a company that we do business with. This company is Allianz. They had been really doing some things that our company and other companies like mine were worried about. Basically they had gotten "too big for their britches" as my grandpa would say. This meeting was about clearing the air and having a shared vision for the future. I do hope this happens. Allianz has some good people, I am just not sure if those people are in a position to really make the final calls. However, they are working on it and at least see there is a problem, just not sure if they see the real problem. Back to why you should be reading this part:

One of the things they did was have Jim Craig come and speak. If you have seen the movie Miracles from Disney about the 1980 gold medal hockey team, then you know he was the great goalie. He was a very good speaker and really nice guy. He talked about partnership and shared vision. I hope BOTH sides were listening. At the end, Allianz had a drawing for a framed picture of the 980 hockey team that was an action shot showing all of them together in celebration right after the final horn sounded. It is a very famous shot and it is signed everyone of the players. I won it and was very pleased. I was called up on stage and got my picture with Eric Thomes (famous for other things including playing golf in boxers at our annual beach trip, dressing up like a Hooters' girl at Hooters in Myrtle Beach and I have pictures to prove it) and Jim Craig. It was very cool and I am very proud to tell you this story.
Message from Tracia again...

Bo has been in MN for the last couple of days. He returned to Cornelius late last night only to leave for Duke this morning around 4:00 am for a new scan and another chemo treatment. Stay tuned....

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Food Report

Morning - fruit
Lunch - salad and fruit
dinner - walleye, tomato soup, salad, green beans

Today I flew to MN for a meeting that will last until tomorrow at 2:00. I went to see a company that we have done business with for a long time. Everyone was very nice. I do forget that people have not seen me and they see this situation in a different light. Some people look at me and see dead man walking, some people truly believe I will beat this, and some do not know what to think. I certainly understand that this is hard for everyone, not just me and my family. I try my best to answer all questions and to give them hope, at least what I can give them.

On trip, eating and exercise is hard. I usually eat pretty good, and most hotels have a fitness room. Tonight I rode a stationary bike for 25 minutes.

Tomorrow Addi will be 11 months. She is getting so big!

Thursday I get scans and chemo. Everyone cross your fingers.....

Monday, September 11, 2006

Let me say this first: SORRY!

I know it has been slow for me to post lately, but I will do better. It has been a busy few weeks. I think I can say it best that I feel so good and I am trying to do all the stuff I can do!

Addi and Christi are doing great.... Addi is growing like a weed....

Last week I was in Indy for a meeting, this week I will be in Minneapolis. Work is really good now. Everything is going well, except golf!

I will try my best not to let you down again. I go back to chemo on the 14th and get some scans then as well. I will let you know how that goes. This weekend will be busy as well. I have business people coming into play golf on Sat, then Caroline's wedding shower on Sun.

See you soon!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Food Report

Morning - eggs and shake
Lunch - grapes and chicken
Dinner - BLTs and rice chips

Today is Christi's actual birthday, so she is 30! We got up this morning and her family is still in town. We hung out with them, then Chris Dodds and I went to play golf. We came back and they had pizza and ice cream cake (I got a little ice cream cake!) and we watch the FSU-Miami game. They also play cards all the time, which I have no clue about.

It was a great Labor Day weekend. All of my family was around me, Charlotte and Kansas, Christi had a great time at her birthday party, and of course Addi was awesome. I hope everyone had a wonderful labor Day as well.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Food Report

Morning - eggs and shake
Lunch - chicken and rice
dinner - chicken and asparagus

Today was Christi's surprise birthday party. We had it at an Italian restaurant and there were 40 or so people that came. Christi's parents were in town, as well as Aunt marlin, uncle Leon, Crystal, Chris, Wyatt, Mike, Amy, and the old lady Cyndi. It was a big surprise to her, and I think she loved it.

During the day, we visited Metrolina, a big antique show. It was a lot of fun. Christi and I got another English tea box and an oriental vase.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Food Report

Morning eggs, shake
Lunch - BLTs with turkey bacon, grapes
Dinner - apples, cereal, grapes

Todat was good at work. Had a lot to do but I am getting caught up. Christi's family came in tonight so we hung out with them. Her dad, mom, Uncle Leon, Aunt Marylin came in, with Chris, Crystal, Cyndi, Amy, and Mike coming tomorrow....

Busy weekend.