Sunday, September 03, 2006

Food Report

Morning - eggs and shake
Lunch - chicken and rice
dinner - chicken and asparagus

Today was Christi's surprise birthday party. We had it at an Italian restaurant and there were 40 or so people that came. Christi's parents were in town, as well as Aunt marlin, uncle Leon, Crystal, Chris, Wyatt, Mike, Amy, and the old lady Cyndi. It was a big surprise to her, and I think she loved it.

During the day, we visited Metrolina, a big antique show. It was a lot of fun. Christi and I got another English tea box and an oriental vase.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Christi!!! Hope you had a great day. What a wonderful surprise for such a great young lady. Grannie needs her a babies fix very soon. It has been too long. I would love to see Addi too. Yall are always in my prayers and all your families and friends especially that Graham family too.
Luv & Prayers
Grannie Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Christi, you are such a great person and an inspiration to everyone.