Saturday, September 23, 2006

Today Addi, Christi, and I visited Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville, NC. It was really pretty cool. Rachel Faunce set it up and there were a lot of families there. We were on a horse drawn wagon, and it took us through several hundred acres of all kinds of exotic animals. Water buffalo, bison, elk, emu, rino, giraffe, you name it, they had it. Addi really fed one of the giraffes. I put food in her hand and she feed him. 11 months old and NO FEAR. In this picture, we are standing on the rails of the wagon, so Addi is about 15 feet off the ground. Justin Faunce and his son Byars is in the picture with us.

After that we came home to rest. Addi took a nap and I went to take a golf lesson. When I got back we headed out to dinner with Bill and Jo, Tracia and Joel, and Caroline and Mike. It was really good. After dinner, even though she was dressed up, we let Addi get into the fountain. Outside this mall they have a little fountain where the water shoots up off timers. She loved it. Tonight, I have to pack as I am leaving for Las Vegas in the morning.

In Las Vegas, I have a board meeting with NAFA and I also have to speak at a conference for SMA Magazine. Should be interesting, although when I planed this I was coming back on Tuesday so I did not bring Addi. Then SMA called and wanted me to extend and not leave until Thursday morning... You know my rule, more than a couple of days, Addi is with me.

I want to thank the Vance family for cooking us dinner on Friday night. It was really good. I had it on Sat as well for lunch!

Just to see if people are still reading this blog I have a favor to ask. Christi and I started a 501(c) non-profit called Addi's Cure. This organization will benefit lung cancer. Basically, out of the money we raise, 50% goes right away to research at Duke, specifically for lung cancer. The other 50% goes into a bank account. Each year, whatever the account earns goes to research. No fees, no admin cost, and no salaries. Any way, I am asking everyone who reads this post send $1.00 check to Addi's Cure. You can send more if you wish, but please send at least the $1.00. If you send $50.00 or more, we will send you back a tax deductible letter for your accountant. Send it to:

Addi Cure
c/o Bo Johnson at FIG
19520 West Catawba Ave.
Suite 200
Cornelius, NC 28031

I will do my best to update from Vegas. Be patient with me!

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Anonymous said...

Addi's Cure is a wonderful idea. One question for you -- What will the 50% that is building in the account each year ultimately be used for?

Keep up the fight!