Thursday, September 14, 2006

Food Report

Morning - poached eggs and shake (strawberry and banana)
Lunch - turkey wrap at Duke
Dinner - Wendy's fresca sandwich

Today I had to leave for Duke at 4:30 am. This was tough because it was early, but also because I was in MN and did not get back until around 9:30 pm the night before. I got to be about 11:00. I will explain MN in a minute.

Had a CT scan done today. Waited for the doc to look at it, then got the good news of no growth. Of course the best news would have been another reduction, but no growth is good news as well. I saw Dr. Garst today since Dr. Crawford was out, and she was very nice. She did say she had a couple of patients that have been stable on Tarceva for years. Bill and Jo were there, and this made them feel very good as well. I feel great about it, however I was a little disappointed based on the fact that I had basically busted down every wall I have faced, and this time it was just good news. Just being honest.

I went to MN to see a company that we do business with. This company is Allianz. They had been really doing some things that our company and other companies like mine were worried about. Basically they had gotten "too big for their britches" as my grandpa would say. This meeting was about clearing the air and having a shared vision for the future. I do hope this happens. Allianz has some good people, I am just not sure if those people are in a position to really make the final calls. However, they are working on it and at least see there is a problem, just not sure if they see the real problem. Back to why you should be reading this part:

One of the things they did was have Jim Craig come and speak. If you have seen the movie Miracles from Disney about the 1980 gold medal hockey team, then you know he was the great goalie. He was a very good speaker and really nice guy. He talked about partnership and shared vision. I hope BOTH sides were listening. At the end, Allianz had a drawing for a framed picture of the 980 hockey team that was an action shot showing all of them together in celebration right after the final horn sounded. It is a very famous shot and it is signed everyone of the players. I won it and was very pleased. I was called up on stage and got my picture with Eric Thomes (famous for other things including playing golf in boxers at our annual beach trip, dressing up like a Hooters' girl at Hooters in Myrtle Beach and I have pictures to prove it) and Jim Craig. It was very cool and I am very proud to tell you this story.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bo,

This is all fantastic news! Your medical news and the fact that you are a very lucky man. I am not sure if luck is the correct word but you definitely have a way with life. I see you many years down the line looking back and seeing how you beet BAC and helped so many other people with your BLOG. You are SPECIAL!! from KAnsas

Debbi said...

I don't think it's just luck that you happened to win that particular autographed photo. You are a miracle, Bo.

While you may not have gotten spectacular news from your doctors, you've gotten some reassurance that you're maintaining the status quo. You can still exercise, play golf, travel, work and tend to your family's needs. The longer you can maintain this level of activity and health, the more likely you and Christi will indeed be walking Addi to kindergarten.

And in the meantime, researchers are working on the miracle that will see you walking her down the aisle.

Anonymous said...

Good Job Bo - keep up the good work. And stay away from Fresh Spinach!