Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sorry for the delay in posting, they have changed the blogger website and it took me a while to figure things out. (This is Christi) We all made it back from Arizona. The trip was a good time, the weather was a little chilly for AZ, but not to cold for Bo and golf or Miss Addi in a heated pool. I do think our little girl might be a swimmer. She has no fear in water, she is already dunking her head. It looks like swimming lessons for me and her this summer.
We have had some exciting things happen when we were out of town. FIG won an award at the dinner we were at in AZ. It was such a big deal and a friend of ours presented it to us, so that was special. Eric said some wonderful things about FIG, Bill, Jo and Bo even a little about me that brought tears to my eyes. He truly is a special person and good with words. He made me so proud of Bo and his fight and desire to persevere is a tough situation. He spoke of FIG and Bo's passion for life. It was really special.
Another that is real special is one of the local papers wrote an article about Addi's Cure and the funds we are trying to raise. Here is the Linc to the article, Darlene did a wonderful job.


Also I think we are finalizing the plans for our first Addi's Cure event. It will be a dinner here in Cornelius at one of the local restaurants. How exciting, I can't wait. Finally we can get donations and give something back, hopefully it will be a good time!

Everyone take care
PS we are all feeling good and excited for 2007

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Let me first apologize for our lack of typing, it is nice to say things are a little slow right now. Actually that is really nice to say. Right now Christi, Addi and I are in Arizona for a conference. The weather is nice just a little cool. Perfect for golf. We will hopefully relax and rest. I did go to Duke this week and things are good. I just went to pick up some more Tarceva and figure out why I am still coughing. The consensus is I have a touch of Bronchitis, I am on an antibiotic now and it appears to be doing wonders for me. Just makes me a little drowsy. We will do better in keeping things up to date with what we are doing.

Also a little shout out to our neice Ryan, she turns 1 tomorrow. We love you guys and Happy Birthday.

Monday, January 15, 2007

We just had to show Addi's new coat! It was the hit of her Christmas gifts from her crazy Great Uncle Mike! We are not wearing it much, but we sure do like to pet it! (Don't worry it isn't real!)
PS That is her cousin Caitlin from Kansas

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hello Everyone! (Christi) Just a quick little note out there to let you all know that things are good here. I personally had a rough day yesterday, no rough physically or emotionally, let's just say a rough day with the dogs. Charlie got stuck and cut himself, but everyone is now okay. For more details just email me and I can fill you in on the rest. I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew and would help pray for two friends. I know not everyone reads the comments, so we wanted to make sure we always keep others in our thoughts and prayers. First is a sweet 4 year old little boy, that is fighting cancer, Sam Keziah . Below is the comments from Suella...

It's been awhile since I have posted a comment, but I wanted to let you know that it is awesome to see the fruit of our prayers is working! I have a request to many of your strong prayer warriors. There is a little 4 year old boy in Levine's children hospital that has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Wilm's Disease. It started in his kidney and has now spread to his lungs. His parents took him for a dr visit due to congestion in his chest and this is the nightmare they have endured since the week of Christmas. He has a website: www.caringbridge.org/visit/samkeziah
where you can read their journal and post prayer comments in his guestbook. It's wonderful that Addi's Cure is providing funds to fight cancer! I am still praying for you and your family and I hope that many will start praying for Sam Keziah as well. As a parent- I can't imagine the heartache that is felt to see your child in pain and hooked to tubes.
Thanks for the opportunity to let others know!
Suella Russell

Next is for Ginny...she is an amazing lady that has overcome a lot in a short amount of time. Please pray for her continued success. Her friend wrote to us and shared Ginny's blog link...

Bo & Family... I'm one of your random readers from Chicago (came to you from another blog). I just wanted to let you know that a good friend of mine has been inspired by your journal of hope and energy and started her own.

Thanks for letting people in to your story.. it reminds other folks that they aren't alone and if they share their story..someone will be there to listen. Sarah, Chicago IL

We know there is a lot of people out there fighting and overcoming remarkable odds. And Bo and I completely believe your constant prayers have helped us and will help others. Stay strong and positive, this is an unbelievable world we live in where people are overcoming unbelievable odds.

Love to All

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Latest donations to Addi's Cure:

Shawn Lee (gift donation for Bill and Jo Cain)
Katie Williams (gift donation for Roy and Wanda Williams)
Donald Urban
David Nyberg
OM FInancial

I hope everyone is doing well. I am, and it has been a great week. Last night I stayed with Addi while Christi (Amy, Lena, Robin, Rachel, Candace, Anna, and Lauren) and friends had dinner and talked about some things to do for Addi's Cure. They came up with some good ideas, so be ready for some fun things going forward. Please do not forget to go to www.addiscure.org and submit recipes!

I have been feeling really good. I have been coughing some, but the doctors told me that they could see no difference in the cancer on jan 3rd. Other than that, i feel good.

Arin M. is coming to see me this weekend. I am excited to see him, he was my room mate in school.

Lance Armstrong has written a great article. Here is the link:


See you soon!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year! (Christi) It looks like we are starting 2007 on the right foot. Bo had a doctor's appointment yesterday, I apologize for the delay, exhaustion set in, but his lung has healed itself. We are still unsure of what caused his lung to partially collapse, but there was some comments made about Bo's hunting and the possible buckshot, but it looks as though his body is taken care of itself. Also to add to that good news, the cancer still appears to be stable! Huge, it looks like the "miracle drug" as Bo calls it, it is working. We will keep following the clinical trial protocol and visit the doctors every 3 weeks, but scans every 6 weeks.
We took Addi up there with us this last time and I think she helped cheer a few people up. She definitely took it upon herself to meet everyone there. We presented the check to Jeff Woods, he is with fundraising and Dr. Crawford. He was so excited! Thank you everyone! These funds are going to be used immediately to help lung cancer research! Now we just have to start planning great things for 2007, we have some partying to do!
Thank you again everyone I will never be able to tell you how much you love and support mean to me and my family!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Carolyn Andrews and Susan Blackwell

Dr. Crawford

Jeff Woods