Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Today I am home sick. Addi is sick as well. I think we both have the same thing. Christi took Addi to the doctor and she has bronchitis. I have really had a lot of time to think today, and I personally think this is bad. When you are laying in bed without anything to occupy your mind, you think about a lot of what ifs. While I am still very positive, I am worried about my family. It has not even been a year since I was told I was going to die soon, and I have already passed that point. I can not explain the feeling I have thinking that I may not be around to see Addi and Christi.

I think that everyone has a bad day once in awhile, and maybe this is mine. I do not feel defeated, just feel tired of having to think about it.

Christi is really been one of the best things that has happened to me. She has really been great about all of this. Most people really see me as the victim, but she is as well. I think she is really proud of me, but I am a lot more proud of the way she has handled this. Imagine if someone told you your significant other was going to die? Christi has built a life here in NC, but that life has me in all phases. I hope that when people pray for me, they also pray for Christi.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Hello to all! Well we made it back from Kansas and are finally settling into the home life again. Addi had such a wonderful time at my parents house with all the animals, it was sad to make her leave. She also got to play with Cousins Wyatt and Ryan, that was almost as cool as sitting on Grandpa's horse! For those that have been asking, thank you, my Dad is doing really well. He isn't slowing down much (I have the same problem with Bo. When will these two men cut me some slack and just take care of themselves and stop stressing me out!)

Sad that KU lost and then UNC, it looks like Bo and I made it through another March Madness without a Championship dividing us. I am not sure whether to be thankful for that or sad.

We had another Addi's Cure event at Gymboree this time, more geared towards kids. They have been incredibly supportive to Addi and myself. They hosted an open house and all bubbles that they sell in March they are giving a donation back to Addi's Cure. So if you have time, stop by the Gymboree Play Center and buy some bubbles! They also have a nice display about Addi's Cure. Nothing really new here, Bo is still working to much, Addi is going strong, getting more teeth and I am trying to balance the two of them. What was I thinking...just kidding I love them both dearly.

Take care


Monday, March 19, 2007

Don't forget to visit www.addiscure.org

Hope everyone is doing well. I came back from Kansas today, but was a little sad leaving Christi and Addi with her family. Addi was having a great time playing with her cousins Wyatt, Ryan, Ami, and Catlin. Christi was really happy to see her family as well. We got in on Friday night in time to watch the Kansas game and then basically went to bed. Saturday we messed around and watch Carolina play. We also had a party for Christi's mom, her birthday is today. It was a lot of fun. Sunday we wrnt to a big family gathering, I got to met Aunt Josie - who is 96 years old and the oldest redident of her town. She made me a stocking cap which was very nice. She is a spit fire. There were a lot of nice ladies there and all ask how I was doing. I told them great. Then we went back to watch KU.

Christi's Mom came to get me at 5:15 am this morning to take me to the airport. This is on her birthday. I think she is awesome.

Christi will update you as well on what she is doing this week in Kansas.... See u soon.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hello to all and SO SORRY we have not posted in a while, Christi here. Needless to say it took a little time to recover from traveling to Hawaii, then the time change, Bo had a huge ACC Golf Tournament Weekend and this week has just been a blur. I know excuses are lame, but that is what I have. Addi loved and I mean loved Hawaii. She has decided she isn't a huge fan of sand (it might be because last time we were there she got wiped out by a wave) but she has taught herself to dunk her head and fall into the pool backwards. She truly has no fear even in water. We visted the pool every day and they even had a snokel pool, so we swam with some sting rays. Addi just chased Nemo in that pool. The company we were with were absoultly fabulous. They made it feel so much like family and showed us a great amount of suppot in encouragement. We promised we would be there next Year!
As I also mentioned, Bo planned a golf tournment with 12 of his old and new buddies Saturday and Sunday. (Yeah we did fly in from Hawaii on Thurs. leaving there Wed.) to have dinner with everyone on Friday. I cheated and just ordered pizza, but we grilled out on Saturday. It was great fun and we even got to become better acquainted with some new friends. Bo ended up winning the tournament (I know sounds fishy doesn't it) but if anyone has played golf with Bo, he is way serious and I doubt there was any cheating. I am sure whenever you all stop in he will show you his winning leaderboard. (Yes there was a leaderboard) I do love this man.
We are getting ready to visit the family in Kansas, I am so excited! It will be nice to celebrate my Mom's birthday, we won't say her age, but also my great aunt Josie, she is turning 96! She is amazing and has a great spunk about her. Gotta love those Katzers!

Anyway here are a few pics from the trip and I promise to do better!

Love you all
Christi and Addi
PS I just realized Bo posted today as well, so keep reading. (He is kidding about my family loving him more, at least he better be!)
Hope all is well. I wanted to make sure that everyone had an update. I am so sorry that I have not written in awhile, but it has been very busy. First let me list all of the donations Addi's Cure has gotten in 2007 so far:

Old Mutual
Shawn Lee (in behalf of Bill and Jo Cain)
David Nyberg
Donald Urban
Katie Williams
David Weidinger
Jason Klingel
David Vornwald
Stephanie Temple
Jay Robinson
Steve and Tara Neperud
Debra Parks
Jim and Dottie Anderson
Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange
James Lober
Bob and Rebecca Axelrod
Samantha Schleder
Mary & Doug Delaney
TJ & Verna Whalen
Lucian & Jo-Ann Guthrie
Terry Morgan
James & Molly Einstein
Kestler Financial Group
Juan Butler
Kathryn Brenny
Terri Mayhew
Yvonne Bess
Brian Peterson
Sabrina Smith
Mike Rodgers
Ruth Hahn
Kevin Sullivan
Jim Surrane
Philip & Rachel Goodgame
Elizabeth Wilhelm
Krystal Miller
Devon Millard
Eric & Carolyn Thomes
Mary Ann Bryan
Bruce & Janet Mullan
Kevin & Carolyn Atkins
Isaiah and Nikki Smith
Mike & Caroline Mullan
Chuck and Julie Scheper
Mitch Barnett

I am so bless to have such good people in my life.

Ok, where do I begin. First let me say that I feel great and I still have no real effects from this. Can I run the Boston marathon? No, but I could not do this any way. I did go to the doctor and explained on an earlier blog that there was some growth. I started taking a drug called Avastin, and Monday of this week was my second treatment. The next time I go I hope they will see some reduction in my tumors.

I am going to go to Kansas soon to see the in-laws. I really think it bothers Christi that they like me more even than her! :) It is really fun in Kansas, and they make fun of the way I talk. Why, I do not know. Other great news, I had a golf tourn here in Charlotte for the ACC Tourn and actually came in first out of 12. It was a lot of fun, and I am looking forward to The 5B's Classic in Pinehurst this summer. I have been doing this trip 11 year (most were golf less) and I have never been close to winning. Feeling really good this year.

Please look at addiscure.org soon. There has been some changes. See you soon.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Just a quick update. We are in HI and having a blast. Addi loves the water and it getting very tan. We will be back soon, I will write more than....

My Aunt Louise died in the last couple of days. She died of cancer. Please say an extra prayer for her. She was super sweet.

Hope everyone is well.