Monday, April 25, 2011

Hello to all - So it is about time for another Addi update and I know the masses are not going to believe this one. We had a wonderful Spring Break last week (I know it is late for you in the Midwest, but in NC they tie it with Easter) anyway, Addi got some play dates, we went to Carowinds (like World of Fun) enjoyed some beautiful whether and got ready for Easter. A nice brunch with the family and an Easter Egg hunt for all, I will have to post pictures so of the amazing dress Grams and Papa bought for Addi for Easter. Saturday was especially beautiful, we actually played in the lake a little and had a BBQ with friends, it is after the BBQ things went ugly.
What would be your first guess? If you said Addi fell you would be right. If you said she broke her left arm again, you would get 2 points! Dear God help me, she fell off a neighbors playground obviously tried to break her fall and did so by breaking her arm. This time way more serious. She snapped it backwards and did some pretty good damage. When we got to the hospital she went in for emergency surgery because the could not feel a pulse on her left arm by hand and she was having tingling in her finger. She had 3 pins put in and an "open cast" on her arm. After the arm was put back in the place, they could feel her pulse by hand and the next morning even stronger. She does have some nerve damage in her hand to her thumb and pointer finder. But they feel confident over time (months) she will get that back. I hate to ask for prayers because you all have given us so much, but I ask again for Addi to have a full recovery. We spent the next day at the hospital Sunday and got home last night.
She is back in full force and we follow up tomorrow and will hopefully get a full cast on and literally be armed and dangerous. I was wondering how I was going to handle yesterday, for those that know Bo and I from long ago, it was our anniversary. Addi's injury quickly put everything in perspective and I had Bo echoing in my ears. We are focusing the people we have here and now and will not be sad or dwell on things we cannot change. Bo is always with us, I just wish he could keep a closer eye on his daughter ;). In his defense I am sure he is saying the same thing to me.
I am attaching below this a picture of the break don't scroll down if you have a weak stomach.
Love to All
Christi and One-Arm Addi again

Sunday, April 24, 2011