Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hello to All - Well I cannot sleep tonight. Today is Bo's birthday...count on him to make us push through a hard time of the year. Christmas, his Birthday, Valentines, our Anniversary...then we will be smooth sailing until October. Seriously...
With that being said I remember when Bo and I first started dating, we met in October and then that January he turned 30. For some reason that freaked him out. So on top of all the other issues I had with his impulsiveness, southerness and everything else I ended up falling for he was overwhelmed with the age of 30. It was funny and cute to see him stress over something so silly. It makes me smile right now.
So in Bo's honor I ask you to first perform one random act of kindness. Get someones coffee at Starbucks, help a mother push her shopping cart out of the grocery store when she is busy chasing her kids, leave a generous tip at lunch or dinner, do it for Bo (it is something he did and would do again). Second, Bo always believed that he was "Irish", so if in the Lake Norman area tomorrow after work (5:45) we will all be raising a pint at Galway Hooker. If you are not in the area, then find the first pub or Guinness and drink one for Bo. Third - Tell Your family you love them. Fourth - Wish my wonderful little brother, Clint, Happy Birthday - he shares it with my great guy.
Love to All and Happy Birthday Babe, We all Love You
Christi and Addi
PS - Addi came up with a great idea to send Daddy a balloon to heaven. So tomorrow outside Galway Hooker, Addi and some of her friends will be making notes to tie to balloons to send to heaven. Sometimes she is just a genius, she gets it from her mother. I guess all those times she lost a balloon to the sky and I told her, "Addi you are just sharing your balloon with God. Maybe he needs some in heaven (Never seemed to calm her down after losing it though) She was a least paying attention.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hello to All - I hope you all enjoyed that wonderful win last night against Missouri...I sure did. Addi "negotiated" with me to stay up and watch the Jayhawks last night (part of the time, it was 9:00 here) to help cheer them on...she is selling it already.
Well, I did my first trip without her last weekend. She did remarkably well, thank you Phil, Lena and the 3 P's for having her. I attended one of Bo's favorite work meetings with a company he worked with. Bo and I haven't been able to attend the last couple years because of his health concerns, the transplant concerns and such, but he was so excited to go this year because we could drive. We all know he loved work more than one probably should. I probably shouldn't say he worked, because he never felt like it was work when you love something that much. Crazy I know...we should all be so lucky to find something like that to do. But more importantly I think he enjoyed the friends he made. He truly enjoyed talking with everyone, he used to make me study to program so there would be no hesitation to name someone off hand, little did he remember, probably 90 percent of the people there have stayed at house. Bo was always a big proponent to bringing everyone into the office, new agents just learning or even the "competition" (even though he never felt like competition, he always figured there was enough business to go around) Don't get me wrong, he wanted everyone to know the way FIG did things and how great they could help the business, but if you had a good fit and hesitated to leave, then stay put there are good people in the business.
This past weekend proved that. I cannot count on my hands the number of hugs I received, words of encouragement, how many people said they still read the blog (this would be a good time to remind about my sarcastic sense of humor and remind myself to not be so candid - I do hope I get to meet everyone that reads this) So many made a point to give donations to honor our cause and remind me of great stories of when they met Bo or crazy things he did. This meeting was incredible also because of the company that put it on. Talk about taking one of world largest businesses and making our family feel so important and making our cause feel so worthy. Thank you! I cannot express how much everyones support makes that days easier and the fight stronger. I am excited to go to Duke (crazy I know) to give them the check for this past year. Every one's generosity is overwhelming...
With that being said, please mark your calendars for February 27th for "Beating the Odds" another casino night at Raceworld USA in Cornelius. Tickets are $50 and you can either get them from me, friends or email I would love to throw a great party for all and celebrate Bo's legacy.
Thanks again for the wonderful weekend
Christi and Addi

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hello to All - Well I made it 4 1/2 years without an ear run is over. With that being said, I had no clue or symptom. I still panic a little when she has something because of the bubble we tried to live in with Bo, so not to get him sick. But all is well, Addi is running along just fine. She actually spent the day shopping with some girl friends all day and I think she truly enjoyed it as much as we did. Picking out shoes to go with and making Ms. Leslie try and everything...Thanks ladies we had a great time. No nap afterwards, but we are finally slowing down.
Nothing to exciting to report. We are excited for all our upcoming events and hopefully a trip to Kansas soon for my little brother's wedding shower weekend, well his fiances. Much to do and celebrate. Wonderful things to keep us busy.
Love to All
Christi and Addi

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hello to All -
Like Father Like Daughter - Today I brought Addi into work with me and set her up in "Daddy's office to watch a movie while I "accomplished" a few things. I think it did the office good to see her in his office laughing and having a good time. With that being said there are many people and many times Bo would call them into his office to ask, "Will you go get me a Dt. Mountain Dew." So guess what happened today, "Mommy, will you go get me some water," It was one of those moments that brought tears to my eyes. She has no clue what she did, nor did she really care, I mean the movie was on. But, "when she grows up, that will be her office." Watch out world!
Love to All
Christi and Addi
PS - I was proud of the water choice, she is the Dt. Mountain Dew police!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hello to all - Nothing really new to report here. We made it through our first "slow" weekend, Friday night was pretty pitiful, but then Saturday so great friends invited us over, so we kept ourselves busy.
Addi picked up the sniffles a little but what little there was, came and left. She nicely let me know, "Mommy you can worry about me." I think maybe I worry a little too much some times.
Hopefully soon we will do something fun and get some new pictures out there.
Take care
Love to All
Christi and Addi
PS - Thanks for leaving my Jayhawks alone, hopefully a lesson will be learned.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Hello to all - Well we made it through yesterday. I was little surprise how hard it was yesterday, I thought it would be easier to get back to our routine, but in reality it made me realize the part of the day Bo played. I guess that is what I get for thinking. I missed seeing him at work, or home after I dropped Addi off from school, or getting him to ride with to pick her up. Don't worry I am that "looks like crazy lady talking to myself all day," but I like to keep him a part of everything and just keep talking right along. I can hear him in heaven saying "Goodness Christi, you do talk a lot." I just reply back with, "I am not saying every thought that passes through my head...take what you get." Funny how in NC some of you always thought Bo was the talker, I think we are in a good tie. Our daughter doesn't have a prayer...
What that being said, Addi had a great first day back at school. I think she was ready for normal and she got a new friend in class. I am proud to hear that she welcomed her right into class, just grabbed her hand and showed her around. Hopefully she gets that from both of us. Bo as a child found his best friend by knocking on doors until her found a little boy to play with. Isn't life crazy how one simple choice can change the rest of your life or someone else's life. Poor Lee will never be the same...
I did want to take the time now to say thank you too all you that take the time to send cards, I received one yesterday (It got a little lost in the mail) from Mrs. Sindelar's 1st grade class, what an amazing gesture and incredible donation. Sometimes the little signatures can have the biggest impact on ones heart. Bo would be so honored to have such little ones take the time to care about him and his family. Also thank you to those we may have only briefly crosses paths with, but you stop Addi and I to tell us you are thinking of us and praying for us. That means a lot and is incredible to know that there are many people we may not have met, hope to some day, but Bo touched with his life. Thank you
Love to All
Christi and Addi

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Hello to All - Crazy to think a month has gone by already. Crazier to think that Addi and I are just now starting our new normal. I think this month might be a little harder without the adrenaline of Bo's passing and the holidays to carry us through. Plus Bo's birthday at the end of the month will be a hard reminder, but I am sure we will find a way to do some good, everyone watch out. I guess one thing for certain is that time will keep moving, whether that is good or bad is for you to decide.
Addi starts back to school tomorrow, I know she is so excited to see her friends at preschool, bring on the playdates! With the weather being so cold, I guess I shouldn't complain we have Toy R Us at our house, everyday something new to play with...she is doing alright. It is crazy my 4 year old has so much wisdom. Everyday she still says she misses her Daddy, but also that she knows he will help make her dreams come true. We talk often and love to look at pictures. She is growing up too fast. On a funnier note, she has started with, "Mommy I have good news and bad news." "It probably doesn't help that I laugh at both...Neither have ever been bad, just a little distraught for a 4 year old. "Good news, I want to play with this toy, Bad news, I can't get it out of the box."
I guess bring on 2010, hard to write still I want to write 2009. Many thanks to everyone, (I am working on the rest of the thank you letters, so sorry for the delay)
Love to All
Christi and Addi
PS - Come on Heels! Bring on the Jayhawks