Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hello to All - I hope you all enjoyed that wonderful win last night against Missouri...I sure did. Addi "negotiated" with me to stay up and watch the Jayhawks last night (part of the time, it was 9:00 here) to help cheer them on...she is selling it already.
Well, I did my first trip without her last weekend. She did remarkably well, thank you Phil, Lena and the 3 P's for having her. I attended one of Bo's favorite work meetings with a company he worked with. Bo and I haven't been able to attend the last couple years because of his health concerns, the transplant concerns and such, but he was so excited to go this year because we could drive. We all know he loved work more than one probably should. I probably shouldn't say he worked, because he never felt like it was work when you love something that much. Crazy I know...we should all be so lucky to find something like that to do. But more importantly I think he enjoyed the friends he made. He truly enjoyed talking with everyone, he used to make me study to program so there would be no hesitation to name someone off hand, little did he remember, probably 90 percent of the people there have stayed at house. Bo was always a big proponent to bringing everyone into the office, new agents just learning or even the "competition" (even though he never felt like competition, he always figured there was enough business to go around) Don't get me wrong, he wanted everyone to know the way FIG did things and how great they could help the business, but if you had a good fit and hesitated to leave, then stay put there are good people in the business.
This past weekend proved that. I cannot count on my hands the number of hugs I received, words of encouragement, how many people said they still read the blog (this would be a good time to remind about my sarcastic sense of humor and remind myself to not be so candid - I do hope I get to meet everyone that reads this) So many made a point to give donations to honor our cause and remind me of great stories of when they met Bo or crazy things he did. This meeting was incredible also because of the company that put it on. Talk about taking one of world largest businesses and making our family feel so important and making our cause feel so worthy. Thank you! I cannot express how much everyones support makes that days easier and the fight stronger. I am excited to go to Duke (crazy I know) to give them the check for this past year. Every one's generosity is overwhelming...
With that being said, please mark your calendars for February 27th for "Beating the Odds" another casino night at Raceworld USA in Cornelius. Tickets are $50 and you can either get them from me, friends or email info@addiscure.org... I would love to throw a great party for all and celebrate Bo's legacy.
Thanks again for the wonderful weekend
Christi and Addi


Mindy Holt said...


I just got the chills reading this! You Johnsons are all amazing. I am so glad you went to that meeting as I am sure Bo would be. Think about you and Addi everyday.

xo Mindy

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Waht a great message- I am so proud of you! Really looking forward to the big event.

Anonymous said...

Hi... been thinking about you and Addi. Thank you for keeping us all aware of how you are doing. Much love, Joni

Anonymous said...

Keep posting, I love to hear about your day and Addi's stories. It always brings a smile to my face often followed by tears. I am so proud of you. You are so strong! :)