Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hello to All - Well I cannot sleep tonight. Today is Bo's birthday...count on him to make us push through a hard time of the year. Christmas, his Birthday, Valentines, our Anniversary...then we will be smooth sailing until October. Seriously...
With that being said I remember when Bo and I first started dating, we met in October and then that January he turned 30. For some reason that freaked him out. So on top of all the other issues I had with his impulsiveness, southerness and everything else I ended up falling for he was overwhelmed with the age of 30. It was funny and cute to see him stress over something so silly. It makes me smile right now.
So in Bo's honor I ask you to first perform one random act of kindness. Get someones coffee at Starbucks, help a mother push her shopping cart out of the grocery store when she is busy chasing her kids, leave a generous tip at lunch or dinner, do it for Bo (it is something he did and would do again). Second, Bo always believed that he was "Irish", so if in the Lake Norman area tomorrow after work (5:45) we will all be raising a pint at Galway Hooker. If you are not in the area, then find the first pub or Guinness and drink one for Bo. Third - Tell Your family you love them. Fourth - Wish my wonderful little brother, Clint, Happy Birthday - he shares it with my great guy.
Love to All and Happy Birthday Babe, We all Love You
Christi and Addi
PS - Addi came up with a great idea to send Daddy a balloon to heaven. So tomorrow outside Galway Hooker, Addi and some of her friends will be making notes to tie to balloons to send to heaven. Sometimes she is just a genius, she gets it from her mother. I guess all those times she lost a balloon to the sky and I told her, "Addi you are just sharing your balloon with God. Maybe he needs some in heaven (Never seemed to calm her down after losing it though) She was a least paying attention.


Anonymous said...

i'm going to have my girls send a balloon too... what a great idea, addi! can't wait to hear of all the things done in bo's honor today!

neal karn

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Buddy! We miss you!


Happy Birthday Clint!!

Anonymous said...

We will be toasting an ale to Bo from Kansas, and sending messages to him in heaven via of balloons.
Love and miss him so much.
Happy Birthday in Heaven, Bo!

Happy Birthday in Colorado, Clint!

With love, Mom in Kansas

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bo! We miss you buddy!

~Kay @ FIG

Unknown said...

((((hugs)))) to you today! I'm going to get the boys some balloons to send to Bo. I'll send you some pics of when they release them after school. Have a Bo Berry Biscuit for us today.
p.s. I'm sure that when you can't sleep you are on the exercise bike for 14 miles, then the treadmill, then doing laps in the lake... ;)

--Carolyn in chilly MN

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bo! We love you and miss you everday!!!

The Faunces

Lingo said...

I have a Galway Hookers here in NY too. I'll go have a pint and make a toast there as well.
- Tracy

Unknown said...

Our balloons are on their way! Posting pics on FB soon!

Anonymous said...

Read your message today and couldn't help but smile. Happy Birthday Bo, we think of you often. Happy Birthday wishes to Clint, please know you have an awesome older sister. I was a very nice driver this evening while running errands - in honor of Bo, hope that counts as my act of kindness. Called my sister to tell her I love ya, not much of an ale drinker, but I did get a Diet Mt. Dew, hope that counts in place of!

Take care and know that far and wide you are loved by many!!!

Anonymous said...

I am thinking about Bo and all of you on his birthday. Much love and continued prayers coming your way. As to the pint of Guiness- can't wait!
My Love,

Sheryl J. Moore said...


You are very strong and admirable. Bo is smiling down upon you and Addi with so much love. I cried when I saw his birthday note on Facebook last night. I hope you had the opportunity to read the article I did at his request in the January issue of Insurance News Net Magazine. Take care, God bless, and let me know if I can ever be of assistance.

Anonymous said...

I love your way of celebrating Bo's birthday. I was able to bring breakfast to the troops today at school. We learned so much from Bo, and it sounds like we are going to learn just as much, if not more, from that lovely, young Addi. Keep on keeping on.
We love you guys!
The Glidewell Fam

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Catie Rubenstein said...

Hope you're doing ok.
Still thinking of you and Addi.