Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Hello to All - Crazy to think a month has gone by already. Crazier to think that Addi and I are just now starting our new normal. I think this month might be a little harder without the adrenaline of Bo's passing and the holidays to carry us through. Plus Bo's birthday at the end of the month will be a hard reminder, but I am sure we will find a way to do some good, everyone watch out. I guess one thing for certain is that time will keep moving, whether that is good or bad is for you to decide.
Addi starts back to school tomorrow, I know she is so excited to see her friends at preschool, bring on the playdates! With the weather being so cold, I guess I shouldn't complain we have Toy R Us at our house, everyday something new to play with...she is doing alright. It is crazy my 4 year old has so much wisdom. Everyday she still says she misses her Daddy, but also that she knows he will help make her dreams come true. We talk often and love to look at pictures. She is growing up too fast. On a funnier note, she has started with, "Mommy I have good news and bad news." "It probably doesn't help that I laugh at both...Neither have ever been bad, just a little distraught for a 4 year old. "Good news, I want to play with this toy, Bad news, I can't get it out of the box."
I guess bring on 2010, hard to write still I want to write 2009. Many thanks to everyone, (I am working on the rest of the thank you letters, so sorry for the delay)
Love to All
Christi and Addi
PS - Come on Heels! Bring on the Jayhawks


Anonymous said...


You are so strong. Addi mades me laugh or maybe it is just the way you tell the stories. Just remember I am just a phone call away.. And I find myself watching basketball for Nc and rooting them on to win.. As long as they are not playing the jayhawks. Love you sis


Anonymous said...

I am praying for strength for you and Addi!

-Kay Rawlinson

Anonymous said...

Reading your post tonight made me smile. Even now, you are still so POSITIVE and always looking forward. I am certain that Bo's birthday at the end of the month will be hard, but believe me when I say your 'blog family' will be here to support you and Addi. Thank you, for just being you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting. Love to hear what you and Addi are up to! Glad to hear you guys are doing ok.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting again Christi. We love hearing about how things are going and the adventures with Addi. It's amazing to think that when we visited your home you were just a few days away from having her and now look how big she is! She seems like a real character. Hope we get to meet her in person one day.

We think of you both often. Oh and just a little note, our son Mickey ( whom you might remember we told you was a huge Jayhawk fan ) has just committed to going to KU. He'll start in the fall. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!

Tammy P - Omaha

Anonymous said...

Love you both. I'm glad to see you both trying to reman positive. <3

Anonymous said...

Christi, thanks so much for continuing to write. Your Addi will keep you moving, and yes, that is a very good thing!
My Love,

Anonymous said...

Christi - I have said it before and I will say it again . . . .you are a saint!!! Your strength is amazing and you still have a sense of humor which clearly you will never lose. What a gift. :) Still thinking about you from Greensboro, NC. Addi is so adorable it is not even funny!

Hugs to you both!

Amy W.

Anonymous said...

Hey Christi,
I hope that Addi had an awesome first day back at school. We are lucky with a snow/cold day tomorrow....we are knee deep in snow in spots. I am trying to root the Jayhawks on, but they are not making it easy. I am amazed at your ability to continue to make small steps forward each day....that is not a small feat.
Take care of yourself and that sweet girl.
Love ya!

Catherine and the Glidewell Clan

JaeKo said...

Thank you to your family in keeping up this blog. My father is battling late stage cancer, and I stumbled upon this blog looking for answers. I was wondering if I could shoot you an email with some questions. Completely understand if you can't. Best of luck to you and your family. Thanks again.