Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So Sorry - Where in the world have we been...So much going on, so much has happened, but do know that no news means good news. First we hit the zoo and then the beach. Addi is so Bo. "Look Addi there is a monkey." "Great Mom, what's next." I had to make her and Bo watch the monkey for a minute and then she realized they swung from branch to branch, sort of cool to watch.
Then I am happy to say a couple Saturdays ago we had a little get together of our "transplant friends." I always forget that Bo doesn't know everyone as well as I do, due to the fact he was unconscious, but he is getting to know them. Joe and Marilyn, Bob, Brenda and Don and Sue. (Debbie was partying in Vegas, just kidding, she was in Vegas though) We had a great time and I think Bo and Don felt more normal sharing their frustrations with one another as this recovery process continues.
I am so Sad to say the next day Bo's Papa, Great Papa to Addi, passed away. He had been diagnosed with Colon Cancer, survived the surgery, thrived in the hospital, was released to the rehab center and then one night took a bad turn and passed away, Sept 20th around 8:00. He was an incredible man that lived and lived to his liking. We were truly blessed to know him. Bo loved him like no other and is dealing with his loss. Papa has always been there and Bo with a heavy heart feels this loss. We both believe though that Papa continued on for many years without his love, Rosie, it is time for them to be together. He will dearly missed.
Yesterday we visited Duke for a marathon of a day. First labs, then bronch (they took some biopsys and we will get those results in a week or so, keep your fingers crossed they didn't find any fungus or germs.) Then to Hematology, Blood Doctor, she recommended Bo we a compression sock in the leg that has a clot. At first Bo hated the idea, now he is just starting a new trend. Finally a visit with Susan to look at the labs and Bo is holding steady and strong, so off to more chemo. He is doing well today, just tired, but aren't we all.
We visit Duke next October 15 for transplant doctor and vocal cords again. But before that DISNEY here we COME!
Love to all
Christi, Bo and Addi

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hello again - Not to much to report right now. Bo has the infamous head cold that is going around so he is pretty pitiful, I am freaked out anytime he gets anything respiratory. I just try to remind myself that he will get sick sometimes and we just need to watch the "color" of things. Maybe that is what is really freaking my out.
With that said, how about a few Addi stories. Today I told Addi that we needed to clean the house and that we were going to open the windows(by the way today was BEAUTIFUL.)
"Why are we opening the windows Mommy?"
"Well so the germs will fly outside of the house and hopefully that will help make Daddy feel better."
"But Mommy, what if the germs fly to heaven and make God sick."
"Well Addi, hmm, God knows to wash his hands a lot."
What do you say to that other than take the opportunity to drill into her head to wash her hands, with soap. School is starting soon you know.
Another Addi story is that fact she no longer says, "I love you." I know heartbreaking isn't it. But get this, she now says, "I promise." It almost makes it okay. When did she become a "cute" teenager. I thought I would have a couple more years before she dropped the "I love you". I guess we better watch out because in a month she will be Four.
Love to All or Addi says, I promise
Christi, Bo and Addi