Monday, December 05, 2011

Hello to All -
First and foremost let me let you all know that Addison (as she likes to be referred to when she is published) is now down 3 teeth. This weekend we lost our first one on top and let me tell you, WOW, she has a gap up there. (She had a space between her teeth to start with and now loosing the tooth, WOW.) But do not get me wrong she is as beautiful as ever.
It is amazing to think Bo has been gone for 2 years now. One moment Addi and I feel like he is right there with us, or we put ourselves back in those moments of 2 years ago. Amazing how the mind and memories work. I think we are doing well. We keep our mantra one day at a time. Most days bring us exciting new changes, friends and experiences. Other days bring us new realizations (for both of us) Addi is definitely more aware of the experiences she is going to miss out on that she would have had with Bo. This holiday season I have had more questions of "Why does everyone else's family still have their Daddy?" I never have the answer for that other than your Daddy loves you very much and I like to think he is always with us. But never fear we are still taking on the holidays full force.
Sometimes I wonder why Bo passed away at this time of year? I do get many questions if this gets us down more because of the time of the year and I have decided something. Bo is obviously greatly missed by many people. But I think his death on December 5th might have been perfect timing for us to reflect and always remember what matters. We might just be starting to dread the Christmas hassle and shopping, but I like to think he is there to remind us we have people to shop for? or We have the funds to shop? Bo's death right now reminds me to tell those I love them. Bo loved nothing more than to call someone and say how much they meant to them. I honestly think he loved doing this to his buddies more, but some of you (who will not be named) would panic and freak out a little. Oh how is loved to mess with you, but never for one second think that he didn't mean it. He loved like no one I have ever met. I am blessed and lucky he loved me so.
Please remember to make this day count and pay it forward. Call those people you were meaning to call, laugh as much as possible, shed a few tears, but always, always Remember Our Bo.
All our Love
Christi and Addi