Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hello to All - Christi here. Sorry for not posting. Things were quiet after I posted last time and then the weekend hit. Not like the other weekend, but this time all Addi. Poor little thing got the flu...viral. The last thing I wanted to here with Bo's health this year. She has been running a fever and through up at night during the weekend. Monday we went and saw the doctor and she confirmed viral. She was really on affected a night with fever and throwing up, but now she has a head cold with it. I hope we are done being sick, but her poor nose is red and sore. Thanks Bob for the email about the Vicks on the feet, we are trying it tonight.
Bo is doing well with all this. Nothing, so far. Of course we all got our flu shot, but we know those are not 100% all the time. At least not for Addi. So it looks like we will staying here, I better get my turkey.
If I forget and do not get to talk with everyone, please have a wonderful Thanksgiving and know at our table and in our prayers we are thankful for each and everyone of you.
Love to All
Christi, Bo and Addi

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hello to All - Talk about an amazing weekend. (Busy, but fun) Unfortunately my friends from Duke were unable to come and visit, Debbie wasn't feeling well, and Sue enjoyed her time at home with it raining, then had to race up and see her sweet Tom. He is a fighter, please pray that he can get off the vent soon. But hopefully we can meet up soon.
Saturday was a marathon of birthday parties. We love to see all our friends, and they love to plan parties on the same day! First our friend Maddie turned three, we painted and glued. If anyone needs ideas for Christmas for Addi, Elmer's glue is the trick. She liked to squeeze it out on paper and glue anything. Then lunch with friends, Peyton and Patterson, a little nap with Daddy and then we were off again. Next was our friend Nyla's she turned 5 and we jumped like crazy a Monkey Joes. Addi has the best time with her older friends, CJ and Hannah, by the time we left there, Hannah was our best friend. Unfortunately we had to leave a little early to move on to Owen's birthday. More jumping and gymnastics, he turned 3! Finally we finished the night off at Taylor's Tinkerbell party and I think Addi ruined the movie for everyone because we watch bits and pieces of it everyday (thanks Cousin Wyatt) Addi would say what was about to happen right before it did...ooops luckily the kids didn't seem to mind. Then off to bed. And for those wondering, I did try to leave most partied before cake and ice cream due to the influx of activities and excitement. (Daddy got one good day of rest)
Then Sunday...I let Addi sleep late with Daddy and did church by myself. Then home and off to the Panther's Game. Yes, the whole family attempted to go the game. We got there right at kickoff and left at half-time, but I do believe that was one of all of our best days. Bo was excited, but tired, to get out of the house. That all seemed to fade when his daughter became obsessed with football. "Daddy what is he going to do next," "throw" "run" and then always "Ah Man he got tackled" Thanks to the drunk men beside us, Addi always knew what to yell. I think she just liked that everyone was yelling something. But I really do think she got the idea of it. Run or thrown and then try and tackle him...sometimes we kick. Oh and we all loved the cheerleaders!
Back home for nap time and then I went to see Chicago with some girl friends and Daddy and Addi watch Dora all night before bed.
Ah what a weekend. I think I will hit the nap time today at my house. If anyone want we will all be sleeping around 2:00.
Love to All
Christi, Bo and Addi

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hello to All - Christi Here - Hopefully soon we can get Bo back on here. It is hard for him to type with his hand. But he is working on that. He sees a hand therapist, I am sure she appreciates me calling her that, 2 times a week. Little by little he is getting more flexibility back, next will be strength.
Things here are good. Tomorrow we meet with the local lung doctor. Someone here that keep an eye on Bo just in case he goes into the hospital for some reason and we cannot get up to Duke. His name is Dr. Howard. He comes highly recommended and works with the "exception" in lung transplant patients. It was imperative we found someone well versed in the medicines that Bo is taking so we have no confusion. Other than that not much to post about us...so about a few of our friends.
My dear friends Sue and Debbie are coming to Charlotte for a little R&R. I hope to meet up with them on Friday, I miss them everyday and feel like a horrible person for not keeping in touch better. I vow to do better. My hero Marilyn, she had parts of her feet amputated due to complications after her transplant, is up walking again. Each person's journey is so different, but it appears that Marilyn's has been extremely complicated, but nothing is slowing her down, physically or spiritually. She is such an inspiration. My dear friend Bob had shoulder surgery, please pray that he makes a complete recovery, painless and quick. He will start rehab also, so maybe a few prayers for his therapist. (A warning also for his jokes. hehehehe)
On a sad note, a fellow cancer fighter Pat Kitts, I hate to say lost her fight, because she is now in God's hands, so we will just say is continuing her crusade up higher. Her spirit and fight were constantly hopeful. To read more about her or send notes, please visit http://holdontohope.com/ We have to continue to fight this awful disease. November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, but no one seems to know. I hate the stigma that goes with Lung Cancer and until that changes there will never be the support or funding. I am just glad we have all you. Enough on the soap box...Sort of like the old days. Maybe we need to pick three things to pray for...Please continue to pray for all those fighting cancer, any type and for any reason, known or unknown, that it occurred. With that said, for any one that has to venture down the path of transplant pray for them and their family that love and support them. So many quiet fighters please give all strength. Remember One Day at a Time, One Moment at a time, One Breath at a time...we cherish all.
Love to All
Christi, Addi and Bo

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Good Evening - It sure is weird, but nice not to put our day to day activities. But for those wondering life is good. Bo is working on getting stronger, he is still really exhausted all the time and rests a lot. But do not fear I make sure he is getting he exercise in to get stronger and stronger. (Little Buddy is on a diet and needs the exercise also, so he is his walking buddy. For those that do not know little buddy, he is the youngest dogs we have- I would say smallest, but that is the problem, he isn't the smallest any more.)
Saturday was a beautiful day weather wise. (Friday was also, but I ended up cleaning leaves out of the garage and reorganizing things, I did figure out the leaf blower, finally) So Saturday we did our Christmas pictures, Bo was feeling exhausted so he rested, and we sadly missed Maggie's 3 b-day, sorry Maggie. When Bo is feeling exhausted I like to stay close by. Then we did some driving around. Back home for nap time, then dinner and smores at the Grahams, well for Addi and I, Bo rested some more.
Sunday off to church, donuts for being good in church, we visited a new Super Target with Aunt Caroline, you know you are a Mom when new Target's are exciting, that trip took about 3 hours. Home to clean the house and play outside. Life is pleasantly boring right now. Thank you and God for that. I am working on teaching Addi what Thanksgiving is all about, she is more worried about what the turkey's say, but we are so thankful for our health this year.
Love to All
Christi, Bo and Addi

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hello to All - and yes we made it home! The day wasn't so bad, long but Addi always keeps us entertained. Today she was obsessed with making puzzles which is nice, hard to move from place to place, but nice because the 3 year old is STILL! Amazing really when you have a girl that runs and tries to run faster. I really need to get her into some soccer, heck track if I could. Anyway...
Bo is officially tube free. It was a little funny when we went to see Dr. Marriquin (spelling on that one) He always says "Hey Buddy" and then get to business asking questions. Halfway through the questions he looks at Bo and says, you are not going to answer these questions honestly are you, you are just going to tell me what I want to hear so you can get that tube out before Thanksgiving. Smart Man...Bo did answer honestly and tube came out. Mind you most people I know they schedule for them to go to radiology and have this "procedure" to have it out. I turned my head to pick up a puzzle piece for Addi and next thing I know the nice Dr. is going to the trash can with the tube. I looked at Bo and he was a little shocked. I guess one good yank is all it takes. I told him Addi has been doing that for weeks, thank God she didn't pull to hard.
Then to Dr. Whitsell, the vocal cord doctor, who is apparently famous. Chris Brown and other famous musicians have visited his office. (Has anyone heard Bo sing lately, we are going for more miracles now...jusk kidding he does a great "What's gonna work, Team Work" with Addi - Wonder Pets for those not around children) Bo's vocal cords are doing well. Need to drink more water and keep them moist and that will help with some of the raspyness.
Back to Dr. Snyder, whom Addi is also obsessed with because she has a baby in her belly. She is truly about to pop. Bo's breathing tests are better, we are coming down on some medicines and he is doing well. She did warn us about the winter colds. So again if you even think you are coming down with something, please keep at least a 5 foot distance from our family. We greatly appreciate it and promise to hug you when you are feeling better.
Then back home...home sweet home.
We did miss all our friends, Joe and Marilyn, Sue and Tom and Don and Brenda. I guess they were off living life as they should be. We will see them all on the 18th of December when we come back.
Love to All
Christi, Bo and Addi

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hello to All - Life at home is going well. Bo is working on getting "normal", but thankfully he is slowing down to do it. I think those first couple days he was running in adrenaline and that carried him through and then he hit a wall. I hope we are climbing back out and getting some strength back. This time we will do it slow and steady.
Tomorrow is really an all day doctor day. First, Addi is coming with us. I love my daughter, but I was hoping she could play with friends while we went to Duke. She is coming not because we do not have great friends that wouldn't take her, but because she asked. She has been asking a lot lately why did she have to play with friends and family while Mommy and Daddy saw the doctor. Why can't she go? There have been tears also, so like always, Addi comes first and she comes with. Heck you bring a 3 year old in to talk with the doctors and somehow things go a little faster. This might work in our benefit. Plus they all know her anyway, why not again.
On to our day, first we do the pulmonary function testings, blood testing and x-ray. Then to the "wrap" doctor to check that our and "hopefully" remove our last tube, the GJ tube Bo at one time was being fed through. Hopefully that will simply be pulled out. Then to revisit with the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor about the vocal cords. I think things are fine there, so we will check that our as well. Maybe grab a little lunch and back to Dr. Snyder the Pulmonologist, should be our last time seeing her, she is due any day now. After that we are on our way back home.
Wish us luck, We (I) think we might need it!
Love to All
Christi, Bo and Addi

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Just a few pictures from Halloween and in true "girl fashion" Addi changed costumes halfway through the night...she saw another princess and had to change. We also met Minny Mouse, a girl about 13 trick or treating that we had to hold her had and tag along with. Nicely enough she took Addi in stride and took her with her...we might have a new babysitter...
PS - One more of Double Trouble - Addi and her friend Patterson - I have flashes in 13 years...It is good to be home.