Monday, August 27, 2012

Well, Today starts another year of Addi growing older (and me holding steady)!  Today she started first grade.  We had a wonderful but fast summer go by with lots of swimming, boating playing with friends and crossing off items on our Summer Fun List.  We are 6 teeth down and one more about to fall out, she wanted to save that one for the first day of school!  Lucky teacher!  With as much excitement we care share there is always a heavy heart missing her Daddy.  She wore her locket today to carry him close to her heart, but knowing he is watching and proud from above, can you only imagine the choas he has caused making everyone notice his little girl starting first grade.  And well Mommy couldn't be any prouder.  Today we discussed that I hope she misses me a little, learns at least one thing new, but makes more friends than she can count.  Good Luck my Sweet Addi.
All my Love
Addi starting Preschool
 Addi starting 1st Grade with some cool kicks from Grams and Papa
 Getting too big...
 Do you think I should warn her teachers?