Sunday, December 05, 2010

Looking at just a few pictures, my how lucky we were to have you with us! Missing you everyday, but celebrating you the best we can today!
Thank you everyone for the support today. We are proud to call you all friends those from long ago, those new and those we are still waiting to meet. This day is much easier knowing that we are loved and Bo lives on through everyone of you.
Love to All
Christi and Addi
PS - Only Addi could get him to put his phone up, she brags about that to this day!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

More snow during the Parade today...Addi said, "Our Secret Mommy- Daddy is doing that so we know he is with us." Like said, living life to the fullest today...
Love to all
Christi and Addi
Hello to All - Is it crazy that we wake up to snow on December 4th...I mean to you non-southerns you are thinking big deal, but around here, we rarely get that cold and to see flurries is crazy...unless you forget the whole weather thing, I believe that it is Bo's way of showing us he is still watching. I remember telling Addi last year that it was her Daddy's way to make sure she knew he will always be with us...then of course she took it literally and wanted it to snow everytime she talked to Daddy, (then we talked about precipitation and such at a 4 year old's level)
Addi and I greatly appreciate everyone's love and support. We approach today and tomorrow with mixed emotions. My realistic mind (that keeps the tears at bay) know that tomorrow isn't any different than any other day. Addi and I miss Bo everyday. Tomorrow is just the day we start counting our life as year 2 without him present on earth. Without hearing his laughter, his hugs and "Hey Buddy" for me "Hey Babe", oh how we hated that we gave each other that "pet" name. But I do believe the more you remember and talk about someone they never die. Addi and I talk about Bo still everyday. It is hard not too when she does so many crazy things like him. Her clumsy gene I could do without... December 5th will be the day to remember and be a little sad, today we live it up!
December 4th is my day that Bo gave me. Bo always promised me 24 more hours if I stopped crying when he was first diagnosed and I know December 4th is that day. Especially if you talked to the doctors a year ago. Oh how we had a great day. Many friends came to visit, we put up our tree, we laughed, he spent that precious time with Addi. December 4 is my 24 hours and Addi and I will not waste anytime with tears, we are packing it with fun. Santa, Parties and Parades here we come. We are choosing to honor Bo and will forever keep the 4th as our day to live it up. Our day where we stopped crying to cash in with our extra time together. So if you are remembering Bo and the Johnson family, extended and all, live it up today, love your family and remember life is precious.
Live it up and Remember
Love to All
Christi and Addi

Friday, December 03, 2010

Just Dance...and Remember.

I keep telling you all she is just like her Daddy....