Friday, October 29, 2010

Hello to All! It is crazy to think that October is almost over, wow it flew by! Addi and I had a crazy time this month with Touch a Truck, a Compliance Meeting for me, Addi's birthday extravaganza, another Lungstrong 5k, A Memorial Golf Tournament for Bo in Hendersonville a visit from my parents from Kansas, then another Memorial Golf Tournament in Houston by some competitors (crazy as it sounds) throw in a penny swallowed and a broken arm we have been busy.
I have talked about Touch a Truck, Compliance Meeting and the Birthday (also the penny and arm) so now about the Hendersonville Golf Tournament. I cannot express how wonderful it is to hear such amazing stories about Bo's childhood. He spoke so fondly of growing up in Hendersonville. He was such the "Eddie Haskel" of the town. He loved basketball and that he was "an incredible shooting" machine...I am not quite sure of the ratio that went in to the shots taken...hmmm A huge thank you to Lee Bradley the best friend he found riding on his bike one day. There are money others as well that were extremely generous and i will personally post some names later. But also the wonderful "shot girls" that made Addi feel so welcome a special.
Addi and I then flew to Houston for the NAFA conference that Bo was so proud of this past week. Bo dreamed of open dialogue, companies working together and enough business for everyone with people doing the right thing. It is amazing how many "good" businesses and people there are out there. A huge thank you to Steve K., Carolyn L., Dennis B. and Eric T. Bo was honored to call you friends and more importantly play golf with you. Also thanks to Theresa M for hosting Addi and myself all day. Some people are just meant to be good friends. To all the men that made Addi there own, Thank You. Most days Addi and I carry through with smiles on our faces, but never has my daughter not want to leave a place because she felt so much love from some Daddies. Dominic, Eric, Kevin and Tashawna (Addi always through you in the mix), thank you for being so sweet to her. Bo loved his job and every time I attend these meetings I understand why. He loved doing the right thing helping people invest there money, but the people he worked and collaborated with make it icing on the cake. I do not know another business filled with such phenomenal, fun loving people. Simply put, How in the world does a 5 year old girl never want to leave a NAFA conference? I mean she is Bo's daughter, but I think the love and attention had a lot to do with it.
Sorry such a long post but I would be remiss if I didn't mention that 9 years ago today I walked into an interview that changed my life. Interviewing with Bo Johnson was over 3 hours long, a first date one would say, but a forever imprint in my heart. Thank you for not hiring me and choosing to love me instead. We were never perfect, but you loved me perfectly. Thank you for taking me on your ride with you, making the incredible friends I have now that carry me and our daughter though. They help us carry Addi's Cure into the future.
Love to All
Christi and Addi

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hello to all - those of you following the Addi drama lately. She had her surgery Sunday, Monday we were both exhausted from a long night and took the day easy. Addi stayed on her pain meds pretty consistent and had a few visitors that seemed to perk her up. For some reason she was "afraid" to go back to school that someone would tease her. Her wonderful teacher Ms. Melissa stopped by to talk with her and bring her presents from her friends at school. She told her she would see her in 3 weeks...haha so like her father just setting the time line.
I talked her into "visiting" her friends at school on Tuesday and within 5 mins of walking in the door and seeing her classroom, she was ready to stay. Her friends were wonderful and one sweet little boy event announced, "we would never make fun of you Addi. We love you!" Sign him up for an extra Halloween candy. So I left went to work and picked her up like usual. When i was talking to the teacher about the day. I talked for 2 mins and she is on the second tree branch climbing to the top. I stopped that quickly, glad to see the break is making her more cautious.
Well today we had her 5 year check up. She is tall and skinny. The Morgan side for at least one thing so far. We did get an xray to make sure the penny came out. Thank God something went right, and it didn't show up on the xray. Except when we told Addi it came out and Mommy must have missed it in her pooh...she immediately started crying. (huh you say) "Mommy that was my favorite penny! I guess you can't win all the time. Don't worry I quickly showed her it somehow ended up in my purse and all it well in the world of Addi. Mommy might have a few gray hairs, but that makes me distinctive, right?
Love to All - in the world of Addi
Christi and Addi

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hello to all - Just when I wonder if I should keep typing due to lack of things to say, Addi takes it upon herself to keep me on my toes. We October 13th was Addi's 5th birthday! Both of us missed Bo dearly, but we did our best to celebrate. Mommy made it Addipoolza in Lake Norman. We had dinner with family and friends on Wed (her actual bday) then Friday some friends from her new school got together to play at Lazy 5. I think she would have her party there every year. She is slowly getting to know her new classmates and this party helped get to know the few even better.
Saturday morning we both got up and did Cornelius's Lungstrong Run in Bo's Honor. Needless to say I haven't been running much or pushing a stroller while doing it, so I didn't get the best time, but we did it. Addi got out and ran the last little bit with me and crossed the finish line together, hand-in-hand. There was another run in Boone where Bo was mentioned and his story told on Sunday. I hated that we couldn't make it, I heard it was a wonderful event at App.
Sunday had her party with her "old school" and a few new friends. We all went down for lunch in Charlotte at Brixx pizza then on to a play, Aladdin, at the Children's Theater. Well that was the plan. While waiting for the theater to open, Addi fell from some uneven blocks outside and she fell just right, where we had to leave HER BDAY PARTY to go back to the ER in Charlotte. Turns out she fractured right at her elbow. Surgery later that night to put 2 pins and a full arm cast on her. CMC hospital was wonderful and helped her celebrate her birthday with presents in all. I do have to admit it was hard enough not having Bo at the Party, but the ER with surgery, he was missed. At one point when Addi was on morphine, she told me that Bo was holding her hand, I believe her. Because first, I need to believe he was with us, second her hand (the broken one) was extended out like someone was holding it and third, she would never lie to me, right?
We did spend the night there, more so because it was so late when surgery and recovery was finished. We are home now resting, well trying to, trying to convince her no one at school will tease her and she needs to go back. Did I mention that we can now officially she gets the "I break my bones gene" from Bo. Dear lord help me through the next 10 years...
Love to All
Christi and 5 year old broken elbow Addi
Let's see how that name changes...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hello to All...
Well it is now 9:46 at night and Addi has finally caved into the fact that her 5th Birthday is over. Little does show know or realize her party is this weekend and the fun will continue...God help me. I think I am about to call it a night, but I did promise to fill in with the "excitement" of our lives. Let's see where to begin, we had Touch a Truck and the event was amazing, I am still working on the numbers and collecting items for silent auction, so hopefully I will have that at the end of the month. Then I had to go to a "compliance" meeting for work and Addi was able to stay with some good friends the Bailey's. She seemed to do well, hopefully her energy didn't tire them all out.
Oh I forgot to mention the fun of the emergency room. I have decided I do mind hospitals, I HATE emergency rooms. Well my darling daughter decided to "wash" a penny off, and you guessed it, in her mouth. Sounds funny until I realized it was stuck in her esophagus. She was crying that it hurt in her chest, so off to Urgent Care we went. Did I mention that we had friends over, so a crew of us went there. After 2 xrays we determined it was stuck and a trip to the ER was needed. The doctor did recommend trying some bread (we had already tried water and crackers) to get it to pass. Well the clock started ticking as well. I guess you can only have something stuck for a max of 3 hours we were already down to 2. By the time we got there Addi had stopped complaining about the pain and I was in hopes it had passed. Well another 3 hours later finally another xray to show the penny moving along. So for the next couple of days before Touch a Truck and my trip, you guessed it, I went through poop. I found nothing, so I am hoping next week when we go in for 5 year old shots, we can get another xray and have the "lucky" penny gone!
So that is where we stand. Doctor and dentist next week after a weekend of cake and sweets...should be interesting.
Love to All
Christi and her now 5 year old ADDI

Friday, October 08, 2010

I know I need to update about life...but please read below about another way to support Lung Cancer...I will post next about how wonderful and successful Touch a Truck last weekend!

On Saturday, October 16, I will participate in the Lung Strong 15K/5K. This event is on behalf of LUNGevity Foundation's commitment to halve by 2020 the number of people who die of lung cancer. LUNGevity works with world-renowned lung cancer experts to identify and fund promising and innovative research into the early detection and treatment of lung cancer. LUNGevity promises to invest every contribution in the most effective, impactful way in order to improve lung cancer survival rates, ensure a higher quality of life for lung cancer patients, and provide a community for those affected by lung cancer.Here's how you can help:Donate: You can make a tax-deductible donation by clicking on the link at the bottom of this email. You may also send your donation to:
Lung Strong 15K/5Kc/o LUNGevity Foundation435 N. LaSalle StreetSuite 310Chicago, IL 60654
Register for the event: Go to and click on the blue "Register" button. You may register to walk as an individual or as a member of a team; you may also start your own team.Let's fund hope together. Thank you.Warm regards,
Your NameLUNGevity Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.
Click here to visit my personal page.If the text above does not appear as a clickable link, you can visit the web address:
Click here to view the team page for Addi's CureIf the text above does not appear as a clickable link, you can visit the web address:

Love to All
Christi and Addi

Friday, October 01, 2010

Hello All - Oh I can't wait to tell you about my week and what my dear sweet daughter has done, but that must wait until Sunday! Because this weekend is all about LKN Touch a Truck! I am so excited and honored to carry on Bo's legacy and mission of educating and raising funds for Lung Cancer! I feel even more pressure to do this to show him and the world that we both meant it when we took this goal on to raise funds and awareness.
I am blessed to have incredible friends new and old to help me accomplish this mission. They give up part of themselves, their time and expertise to help me with this mission and especially this year I am so grateful. They are all pretty much keepers!
If you are out and about and want to join please come Sunday from 11-2 at KENTON PLACE this year. All the details in on We would love the support and I cannot tell you how much great stuff we have...bounce houses, pony ride, firetrucks (and yes that is plural) silent auction and so much more. Over 35 vehicles are coming with our heroes in tow (police officers, fire man, ambulance drivers, you name that hero and they are there)
Thanks again for all your support and love
Christi and Addi