Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hello to All...
Well it is now 9:46 at night and Addi has finally caved into the fact that her 5th Birthday is over. Little does show know or realize her party is this weekend and the fun will continue...God help me. I think I am about to call it a night, but I did promise to fill in with the "excitement" of our lives. Let's see where to begin, we had Touch a Truck and the event was amazing, I am still working on the numbers and collecting items for silent auction, so hopefully I will have that at the end of the month. Then I had to go to a "compliance" meeting for work and Addi was able to stay with some good friends the Bailey's. She seemed to do well, hopefully her energy didn't tire them all out.
Oh I forgot to mention the fun of the emergency room. I have decided I do mind hospitals, I HATE emergency rooms. Well my darling daughter decided to "wash" a penny off, and you guessed it, in her mouth. Sounds funny until I realized it was stuck in her esophagus. She was crying that it hurt in her chest, so off to Urgent Care we went. Did I mention that we had friends over, so a crew of us went there. After 2 xrays we determined it was stuck and a trip to the ER was needed. The doctor did recommend trying some bread (we had already tried water and crackers) to get it to pass. Well the clock started ticking as well. I guess you can only have something stuck for a max of 3 hours we were already down to 2. By the time we got there Addi had stopped complaining about the pain and I was in hopes it had passed. Well another 3 hours later finally another xray to show the penny moving along. So for the next couple of days before Touch a Truck and my trip, you guessed it, I went through poop. I found nothing, so I am hoping next week when we go in for 5 year old shots, we can get another xray and have the "lucky" penny gone!
So that is where we stand. Doctor and dentist next week after a weekend of cake and sweets...should be interesting.
Love to All
Christi and her now 5 year old ADDI


Jerrold said...

CJ sorry to hear about the poop, hopefully it is moving along slowly, I suggest a 5 hour energy for the party and touch a truck.

Anonymous said...

This is the fun we were all promised... Be well.