Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hello to all - those of you following the Addi drama lately. She had her surgery Sunday, Monday we were both exhausted from a long night and took the day easy. Addi stayed on her pain meds pretty consistent and had a few visitors that seemed to perk her up. For some reason she was "afraid" to go back to school that someone would tease her. Her wonderful teacher Ms. Melissa stopped by to talk with her and bring her presents from her friends at school. She told her she would see her in 3 weeks...haha so like her father just setting the time line.
I talked her into "visiting" her friends at school on Tuesday and within 5 mins of walking in the door and seeing her classroom, she was ready to stay. Her friends were wonderful and one sweet little boy event announced, "we would never make fun of you Addi. We love you!" Sign him up for an extra Halloween candy. So I left went to work and picked her up like usual. When i was talking to the teacher about the day. I talked for 2 mins and she is on the second tree branch climbing to the top. I stopped that quickly, glad to see the break is making her more cautious.
Well today we had her 5 year check up. She is tall and skinny. The Morgan side for at least one thing so far. We did get an xray to make sure the penny came out. Thank God something went right, and it didn't show up on the xray. Except when we told Addi it came out and Mommy must have missed it in her pooh...she immediately started crying. (huh you say) "Mommy that was my favorite penny! I guess you can't win all the time. Don't worry I quickly showed her it somehow ended up in my purse and all it well in the world of Addi. Mommy might have a few gray hairs, but that makes me distinctive, right?
Love to All - in the world of Addi
Christi and Addi


Anonymous said...

Glad to know the penny came out and things are looking up! Would love to see you b/w work and crazy schedules! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the Addi tales.

Jenn in TX