Monday, March 26, 2007

Hello to all! Well we made it back from Kansas and are finally settling into the home life again. Addi had such a wonderful time at my parents house with all the animals, it was sad to make her leave. She also got to play with Cousins Wyatt and Ryan, that was almost as cool as sitting on Grandpa's horse! For those that have been asking, thank you, my Dad is doing really well. He isn't slowing down much (I have the same problem with Bo. When will these two men cut me some slack and just take care of themselves and stop stressing me out!)

Sad that KU lost and then UNC, it looks like Bo and I made it through another March Madness without a Championship dividing us. I am not sure whether to be thankful for that or sad.

We had another Addi's Cure event at Gymboree this time, more geared towards kids. They have been incredibly supportive to Addi and myself. They hosted an open house and all bubbles that they sell in March they are giving a donation back to Addi's Cure. So if you have time, stop by the Gymboree Play Center and buy some bubbles! They also have a nice display about Addi's Cure. Nothing really new here, Bo is still working to much, Addi is going strong, getting more teeth and I am trying to balance the two of them. What was I thinking...just kidding I love them both dearly.

Take care


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