Friday, August 18, 2006

Food Report

Morning - berries and fruit, oj, eggs
Lunch - Chinese salad
Dinner - rice, lima beans, strawberries, salad, pork chop

Today I played Pinehurst No. 8 for a practice round. I had a good time since Lee was there. I have played this course once before, but it was in 2000 and I did not really remember it. I started with a drive into what they call "Love Grass" and there was no love! Triple...

The two guys we played with were really nice. I shot a 97 and did not score well, but I did hit the ball better. I am excited this was a practice round. Had a dinner tonight and I am tired. Lee and I hit a lot of balls today.

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Anonymous said...

Bo - I am glad you are back! I was about to send my resume out to waffle house - thanks for giving me a reason to stay at home with my kids.