Saturday, August 05, 2006

Food Report

Morning - Cereal
Lunch - 3 turkey patties, baked beans, tomatoes
Dinner - chicken, green beans, rice

Special Note: remember, everything I eat pretty much is good for me. I try really hard at this. Example is the cereal I am eating. It is gluten free and made of all organic stuff. With rice milk, I would say it is good for me. Most of the time I eat with fruit. I had to find something besides eggs to eat every day.

Today started with golf with Jim, Kevin, Dave S. and me. We played at River Run because there was a tournament at the Peninsula. We played a match with teams and tied. I had four quads again, so needless to say I need to practice even more.

After that, I had to go to the FIG picnic. There were supposed to be 80 people there and I am not so sure how many ended up coming. It was really fun, and I took Addi around, went in a canoe, etc.

Tonight I hung out with Addi, Christi, and our dogs. It was Bonnie and Charlie's birthday today, two years old. Remember, I love those dog, just did not want to get them. I honestly can not think of what it would be like not to have them. It was a really good day. The only side effect I am having from the latest chemo is I am a little tired more so than the others, and when I have chemo it makes my face worse. All in all, I am dealing well with it.

As you are praying for me, please ask God to take the cancer from me. I honestly think that Addi is praying for that. I do not want to leave my little girl. Period. She is so good.

Thanks for listening!

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Anonymous said...

We are praying! It's a chorus. Amen. At the same time you have no idea what a great teacher you are and what a great student you are. You are learning from Addi, the potential for love and endurance; and, you are learning from ill health, the sensitivity that many may never choose to know. You are learning from your EXPERIENCE and teaching us things we could never learn at school. We love you for courage & wisdom, and honor you for your persistence & endurance! May Addi's angels be ever at your side as life unfolds.