Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Food Report

Morning - turkey bacon (found some without nitrates!) and cereal
Lunch - chicken and squash
Dinner - kabob, rice, and a good dessert (compliments of the Vance family)

I was so happy to see Addi this morning. She was pumped to see me as well. I had a really crazy day today. Lots of work!

I got my new bike today. I bought a road bike and it is really light. Jay is putting it together. He helped me order it from one of his buddies and we got it shipped here. I will be excited to ride it tomorrow.

Tonight's blog is dedicated to the Vance family. Chris and I work together, and his wife Tracy I am sure cooked the meal. It was very good, and I ate basically all of the rice and 5 kabobs. Thinking about eating a couple of more as I type. They have two great kids, Hannah and CJ. Christi said they played very nice with Addi today, as she loves "big" kids. CJ and Hannah have made me big cards before and such. Kids are really great.

All for now!

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Anonymous said...

What kind of bike did you get and why? I will be in the market for a road bike this fall and any information is good information. Lindsey mentioned you were thinking of triathlon sprint as a fund raiser. Count me in.