Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's me, Christi again. Bo just asked me to write a little, in honor of yesterday. The day before chemo always seems to be a little more frantic than a usual day, which for me is always scattered. (Anyone with a very, very mobile 10 month old would probably understand or anyone knowing Bo) I am so lucky to have friends and family willing to help out with Addi and the Buddies. I can't express how grateful I am to everyone helping and even just offering to help. (Thanks to Lena, Tracia, Anna, and Candace this time - no Addi doesn't need 4 people, we work in shifts here people)

Things are pretty good in the Johnson house. Bo is still eating us out of house and home, (any farmers out there, we will take donations of organic fruits and veggies, just kidding) He is amazing with his determination, but I do have to say when you have a little girl that thinks the sun rises and sets on you, it doesn't hurt in the motivation. (His wife thinks this also, but with his head bald it just seems to be getting bigger and bigger, so the compliments are limited)

We are both looking into getting into some races, I am not one to be out done. He is looking into his bike racing and triathlon, I might start with a 5k and the a half marathon, thanks to Rachel. Back to Addi, she will beat us both in either race, seriously the kid is fast and can climb like a champ. She is really into climbing by putting one foot over and then the other. There is a little more talking happening also. Last night, sorry Bo, her and her Daddy had a dance marathon. I think she might have the Morgan rear, (Lee Bradley) she certainly likes to shake it.

Well that is enough rambling here. I love my family and love everyone out there praying for us. We will do everything possible to beat this thing. Please keep the prayers, information, well wishes, visits and thoughts coming. Everyone's kindness gives me hope for the world my little girl will grow up in. With the things we hear about these days, people need to know how great everyone is. We hope to see many of you soon, either at our house or we will come to yours.


PS I have no clue what Bo ate today...


Anonymous said...


You are awesome. We just love you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christi:

It was so great to read your blog entry tonight. You are an amazing woman, with an amazing husband, and a BEAUTIFUL daughter!!! Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Missing you in Kansas,
Lisa Sapasap