Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Food Report:

Breakfast - cerral, shake, fresh fruit
Lunch - chicken stuff that was left over from Robin B. (it is spicy!), water
Dinner - chicken, brocolli, salad, rice milk

I rode my bike this morning. I was a little tired and my joints hurts some, but all in all it was a good ride. Work was very fun, although hetic. I got home from work late and then just tried to rest and hang out with Addi. She is basically walking now, just has trouble over 20 steps. She walks like an orangatang, it is really funny.

Sorry for the delay.

I feel very blessed that the chemo is going well, and I am not sick. Mike D. called me yesterday and he started his deal, so please remember him. Don't forget about my buddy Suzi as well.

See you soon....

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Stuart Rohrbaugh said...

Cool to read updates on you alls golfing trip. Minus the heat, sounds like it was fun. I am jealous of you guys golfing abilities. I never developed those types of skills. Good to hear you are retaining your appetite, energy level and strength to ride your bike. Talk or type later.