Thursday, October 19, 2006

This has been a very good week, we have a softball game so we are racing to that in just a little bit. Christi and I have been trying to find some fundraising events to do and people have sent a bunch of great ideas, we will let you know what we are planning something very soon. People have been extremely generous, it is overwhelming the generosity out there. This is an updated list of more people that have sent money:

Justin Jacquinot
Chip and Kathy Lee
Phil Graham
Daniel and Andrea Cain
Cody and Jennifer Foster
Jay West
Terry Morgan
Isaiah Smith
John and Kim Salvatore

I am very happy to say that the total is $5725.00. This is great. I am asking for one more favor - ask anyone you can to send a donation as well. They can send it to:

Addi's Cure
c/o Bo Johnson
19520 West Catawba Ave
Suite 200
Cornelius, NC 28031

My next line of fire is to ask some of the companies that I work with for dome help. I am hoping to raise $100k by December 31. It is really a big goal. I need everyones help.

Addi, Christi and I are very pumped about how things are going. See you soon!

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