Saturday, October 07, 2006

Addi's Cure Update:

I want to say thank you for everyone being so kind to donate to Addi's Cure. I also wanted to0 list everyone that has given, but I know someo people are funny about it, so i will just put the first name and last inital. We are working on an Addi's Cure website so everyone will be listed there as well. Here is the list:

Bob A. and Rebecca
Martha S.
Ryan P.
Angela M
Walker H. and Candace
Erin G.
Pamela B.
Susan S.
Katelyn H.
Maria T.
Jenn N. and Bill
Larry G.
Hutch G.
Ashley J.
Debbie M.
Rachel F. and Justin
Scott W. and Katie
Lisa S.

The total so far is $2,625,00. On December 31st, I am going to match whatever has been given up to $25,000. I am going to mail out letters to all of the companies I do business with and see if i can not get a little donations from them as well. All accounting will be avaiable on the website as well, so everyone can see what we are doing. Don't forget, I have not deposited any check yet because I am waiting on one thing the bank needs. I will have it by the end of next week.

Thanks for everything from all of you!

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