Monday, June 26, 2006

All right! Monday means work. While I am glad to have the weekend for family and golf, I do like work. Today started with poached eggs and turkey bacon, and of course a strawberry and banana smoothie. I am getting pretty good at the smoothie! Please try turkey bacon, it is really pretty good. I went to work and it was fun. We are really doing well and everyone is doing a good job. There are some standouts and are they cooking. I am very excited about all of our employees and I really do think they try hard. They have been awesome during all of this.

I went home for lunch and had left over salmon, lima beans, pinto beans, small whole potatoes, and rice. It was good with soy milk.

The rash is getting better so to speak. What I mean is that the intensity is going down, but a lot more area is effected. It really is not too bad, and of course if this is how it has to be for me to stick around, so be it!

After work I had a 7:00 meeting, so I had to hurry home and eat. Christi made wheat pasta with tomatoes, onions, artichoke hearts, and maybe a couple of other things in it. It was really good, and we will add that to the list of good things to fix again. My wife has wonderful. I wanted to play with Addi some but she is a little sick so I have to be careful around her. I watched her eat and trust me, she attacks the food like her daddy.

I then went to a "town" meeting. Bill, Jo, and I are partners in this land deal. We are trying to put a senior community in on 140 acres here in Cornelius. There are several other partners as well, including my buddy Phil. Basically, the people that live in that community had a chance to ask questions, etc. I think it went very well. These people realize that change is coming, and we are a better alternative than some of the other proposed things that could happen. I think that they will come around, and we will get the zoning we need. However, I do know it is a hard decision since this is their small community and it will mean change.

I came home at 9:00 pm and had a decision to make. Should I ride or not. As Christi pushed me out the door, I decided to ride. I am going to change it to the morning soon. I think it will be cooler and less traffic. I rode about 10 miles tonight. It felt great. I am so lucky that during this so far I have felt as good as I have. It is awesome to know that I am kicking cancer's butt so far. I am sure it will get harder, but every day I am thankful for being able to do everything have always done. Thanks for reading.....

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