Friday, May 26, 2006

This is the story of my fight with cancer. I did this blog just to make sure that all of my family and friends would be able to keep up with what was going on if they wanted to. I also hope that anyone who is going through the same situation I am would be able to read this and see how positive I am. If anyone can beat this, it is me. I have never considered myself a statistic, and I will not now. I am a healthy 34 year old male, with a beautiful wife and daughter that need me as much as I need them. I also have a lot of responsibility at work as well as with my family, so I have to be ok.

I am doing everything I possibly can from my point of view to be well. I am exercising and eating right, as well as just taking care of myself. Everything else is up to God and medicine, and I would be willing to bet in that order. I will try my best to describe all that I am going through, including the good and the bad. If you have any questions, please let me know. Since I believe I am going to get better, it is really ok to talk about this. Please do not act like I am dead, because I am not.

Here we go: I have been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. The subset category of my cancer is adenocarcinoma, said like AD-in-o-KAR-sih-NOH-muh. This is cancer that begins in cells that line certain internal organs and that have glandular properties. The next category subset is Bronchoalveolar. Bronchoalveolar carcinoma surfaces as layers of cells (arranged in columns) that quickly disperse from the lung's lining through the airways, impairing breathing and lung function. Once relatively rare, bronchoalveolar carcinoma is becoming an increasingly more common form of large cell carcinoma. This cancer is only in my lungs; however, it is considered a metastasis spread since it is in both sides. So far, it is no where else.

I will try my best to go buy dates from this point on. Please be patient with me, since I am doing this from memory and anyone that knows me well knows that is scary. I have also tried my best to talk about all of the people that have been nice to me and sent me cards, etc., but I know I am forgetting a lot of you. Please know that I really grateful for all the well wishes and emails, etc.


Anonymous said...

You are not struggling with cancer. Cancer is struggling with you. It does not want you ride. In fact, it hates it when you ride b/c it knows that it can't hang. Cancer is a doughnut eater. You are sprouts and free range. You are the "Big Ring". Cancer can't hang with the "Big Ring". It picked a fight with the wrong guy and it has no idea that you are about to stomp a mudhole in it's punk a$$.

Anonymous said...

Bo: I am a friend of Jeff Tidrick's from high school. I just read most of your blog and wanted to let you know that Jeff asked me to pray for you, and I am doing that. My prayer is that He will give you the strength to fight this disease, and it sounds to me like He is answering that prayer. Your attitude is wonderful, and you are the type of person who can beat the odds. I have a friend who was diagnosed with islet cell pancreatic cancer 8 years ago. By normal standards, she should be dead. She was a little older than you when she was diagnosed. I believe prayer and the power of God have kept her alive and will continue to do so. I pray that He will keep you going so you can beat the odds.