Friday, April 27, 2007

Hello everyone (Christi here- I will make sure to specify every time so there is no confusion, by the way good one anonymous about the heels) Things here are pretty good. I have had a few people call and check about Bo's Duke visit on Monday. Pretty much the same. They checked his vitals talked with him and he did Avastin. Every 9 weeks is when we have scans and find out how the medicine is working. So mark your calendars for June 5th, that will be the next big one. (And for those detailed readers, we did switch the scans from every 6 weeks to 9, hopefully this will help Bo to stay away from the radiation some, typical protocol is every 12)
Bo is busy in meetings all day today and was yesterday so Addi and I are fending for ourselves, we don't even have Dad to call and harass us. Just kidding.
Nothing new to report here, Bo and I did celebrate our 3 year anniversary on Tuesday so that was a nice day for us. It is sometimes weird to think that having the 3 year mark come by is huge celebration in a couples life. But last May really put everything into perspective. We are not really big on celebrating these things, but I am forever grateful to everyone praying out there because I can't imagine my life without Bo and thankfully I don't have to. So for another year I get to forever harass my husband for punching our reader in the eye the night before the wedding and giving him a black eye. Gotta love a man that will do that!
Also I thought I would put a couple of new pics of Addi's new hair, Watch out boys!
PS I do have to say that it is a blessing to have nothing new to report, for this minute while I am typing I feel like life is ordinary. I am not quite sure if this is a good thing or bad, but just nice.
Christi and Addi

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Unknown said...

Ha ha! Funny post! The reader that got "punched" sure is living-up that moment! Ha! I was there and saw the action as it happened --- and I will say the punch was more like a little love tap. :-) Addi is too dang cute!!! Can't believe how big she is getting. LOVE that blonde hair.