Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hope everyone had a good weekend. The Johnson Family did. On Saturday, we hosted a shower for Lena Graham. She is having a baby boy and there were many nice ladies here. Addi and I left before it started to have father/daughter time. We went over to Brian William's new house that morning, and took Mommy's car to get washed. We then came back to crash the party. In the afternoon, Addi took a quick nap then went to Jacob Lee's birthday party. Dad got to just hang out and watch football. I got Panther season tickets this year, so Christi, Brian, Tracia, and I went to the game. We tailgated before, then watch the Panther's get drilled. Great day as far as weather, and it was so good to get back to see Addi. I will ask Christi to post some more pictures soon.

Wednesday i go back to Duke. I am feeling ok. Still tired, still a little short of breath going up stairs, etc. I did send one of my doctors a conversation I had with a guy that had BAC like me, and got a double lung transplant. He is still rocking, although he did say it was like trading having cancer to having a foreign organ in your body. He said it is still tough. Nice guy.

All right, I have to do it. It is September, and this is when last year I really pushed everyone to give to Addi's Cure. I am asking that again. We have really done a great job of raising money this year, and I will make the same offer I made last year. From this point on, I will match up to $25,000 of what people give until the end of the year. Please give what you can. Last year i had to match it, and I want to match it again!!!! I am going to send an email to all the companies that gave last year as well.

A reminder - September 23 is Touch A Truck in Lake Norman. Here is the website:


Anonymous said...

Best part of today's game..
Tailgating, Weather, Steve Smith 150 yard + 3 TD and the TopCats.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bo! Just wanted to say Hi from Omaha! Larry and I walked in the Omaha Corporate Cup Run this weekend with 10,000 other people. We thought of you throughout our walk as this event benefits the American Lung Association. It was a very small thing but an easy way to contribute to a cause in honor of you and in memory of my father (lost to Lung Cancer in 2000).

Wish we could make it to one of your fund raisers there. Touch a Truck sounds like a lot of fun.

Take care!