Monday, December 08, 2008

Hello to All -
Finally we are all starting to feel better and get into the Christmas spirit. We are still really hiding out at home, mostly from germs, but it has been nice to spend this time together. Only every now and then do we get stir crazy and have to go out and do something, but going out for dinner is always a good fix for that one. Cooking is one thing I greatly appreciated that the Residence Inn took care of, because now, ugh. I am working on it and I shouldn't complain, my incredible neighbors helped out immensely when we got home bringing meals. It did teach me that I might need to take come cooking lessons...oh well hopefully my Mom and Dad can visit soon and I can get some lessons from them.
Bo is doing well. He is getting into a nice routine of 2 days a week hand therapy, 2 days a week trainer, and 5 days a week working out on his own in the basement. I guess now I need to do something about those few extra pounds. But it is the holidays...
On a funny note, Addi is obsessed with the Panthers. Since we took her to the one game, she wants to watch every game and all football is the Panthers. She gets some of it, always want to know what they are going to do next, throw, run, kick...and she loves number 89, Steve Smith. You can call our house and ask her if she likes the Panthers, Who her favorite player is and she will always say, Steve Smith, number 89. He catches the ball and makes touchdowns. She is so great!
Love to All
Christi, Bo and Addi (aka Steve Smith)


Anonymous said...

Good News from the Johnson Family! Enjoy the Holidays!


Anonymous said...

Addi has good taste- Steve Smith is the bomb!!! I am so glad things are tracking along for you all. Keep it up and know how many of us love and think of you so often!