Friday, February 20, 2009

Well just another week at the Johnson house, very nice to say. Addi had her first visit to the dentist on Tuesday, after the dreadful fall up the stairs last Thursday and her teeth check out great. Apparently our daughter is pretty stealthy when she falls and she got her head turned in time, a straight line bruise across her cheek and her teeth took the final blow. She banged them just enough to cause much bleeding along the gums, but no broken teeth (yet) She let them get some x-rays to prove this. And we got to see the permanent teeth, which the first four are knocking to come in. I guess that is what happens when your child gets teeth at 4 months, they come out sooner. She really did great, got a little antsy when they tried to x-ray the sided, her mouth is too small so maybe next year. She left them clean them and floss. She was real excited to get her prize until she shut her finger in the drawer. Tears fell then. Darn those plastic drawers.
Last night we stopped in at Bo's work's meeting they have going on right now. It was good to see Bo in action. His fatigue levels are still extremely high, but Addi and I keep pushing him to try to do more and more stuff. There was a lot of amazing support and encouragement from fellow workers. It was good for Bo to hear their support. Thank you to everyone and hopefully soon we will get him back there full time.
Love to All
Christi, Bo and Addi


Anonymous said...

This is a great report. Have a terrific weekend!
My Love,

Anonymous said...

Haven't checked-in for a while. Glad to hear Bo's active, despite the fatigue problem. God Bless and good luck with continued progress.

Mike Ebmeier